We’re building the 6km Drysdale Bypass between Jetty Road and Whitcombes Road to improve safety and ease congestion on the Bellarine Peninsula.

December 2019 update

As we enter into the warmer months, traffic volumes along the Bellarine Peninsula will increase, so we have minimised our road works to ensure locals and visitors get to where they need to go sooner and safely.

Our construction partner will shut down on Friday 20 December 2019. Works will resume on Monday 6 January 2020. If you need to discuss anything during this time, please get in touch via the Contact Centre on 1800 105 105.

Please keep in mind the site is still a live construction zone and is not yet open to the public. Our construction partner will be carrying out routine checks of the site to ensure it’s secure during the holiday period.

Current works

Now that earthworks on the bypass are complete, we will start connecting the bypass into the Northern Drysdale road network. This stage of works involves opening the Whitcombes Road roundabout, constructing the new Portarlington Road and Whitcombes Road intersection and building the Bypass where it connects with Drakes Road.

Key dates 

The following works will be happening from 7 November 2019 between 7am–5pm weekdays and 7am–1pm on Saturdays.

Works and map reference What to expectTimeline
1. Building the new Whitcombes Road West connection to Portarlington Road During the temporary closure, traffic will be detoured via Clifton Springs Road and Bennett Street. From November 2019, until March 2020
2. Opening Whitcombes Road East From opening, traffic will access Whitcombes Road East via the newly built roundabout at the old Portarlington Road and Whitcombes Road intersection. From 7 November 2019
3. Drakes Road West permanent closure Drakes Road West will be permanently closed where it intersects the bypass. Traffic accessing Drakes Road East will be detoured via Whitcombes Road, Murradoc Road and Martins Road. From 7  November 2019, Drakes Road West will be permanently closed
4. Drakes Road East temporary closure Drakes Road East will be temporarily closed so we can build the Bypass where it crosses Drakes Road. Traffic accessing Drakes Road West will be detoured via Whitcombes Road, Murradoc Road and Martins Road. Drakes Road East will be re-opened as a left turn onto the bypass and left turn off the bypass in mid-2020. From 7 November 2019, until the Bypass opens in mid-2020

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Keeping you informed

During these essential works we will ensure that everyone in immediately affected areas is provided with clear and timely information about work that is happening near homes and businesses.

Keep up to date with the latest traffic disruptions on Victoria's Big Build.

Overpass and underpass

Work has now started on the two new structures which will make a significant impression on the Drysdale landscape.

Bridge over Bellarine Railway  
The overpass over the Bellarine train line will be an arch bridge standing 7 metres high and 25 metres wide with a bluestone appearance.

In mid-June, we started piling on the rail overpass to create strong foundations for the bridge.

The 7 metre high arched overpass is designed to match the area’s rural and historic landscape and will feature a split stone finish.

Pedestrian underpass
We’ve also started work on the new pedestrian underpass linking Drysdale with the education, arts and sporting precinct on Peninsula Drive.

Inspirational words chosen by local students will be featured on the walls of the underpass. The uplifting words to be cast into the concrete include “believe and achieve”, “dream”, “inspire”, “be yourself”, “smile”, and “be the difference”.

This will be a welcome boost to safety for students entering the busy area and forms part of the 6 km shared walking and cycling path that will be built as part of the project.

The underpass will be 8 metres wide, 3 metres high and 26 metres long and will enter into a new, landscaped open space with seating and bus shelters.

Andersons Road

As part of the project, we also changed the configuration of Andersons Road with the permanent closure of Andersons Road at the Princess Street intersection from Monday 9 September 2019.

Andersons Road residents will access their properties via Gillies Road.

We know that Andersons Road is a busy place during school drop off and pick up times, so we’ve created additional parking areas and maintained pedestrian access to schools, sports grounds and Potato Shed.

The map below shows you the best way to access the precinct.

View a larger version of this map (PDF, 106.1 KB)

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