We’re building the 6km Drysdale Bypass between Jetty Road and Whitcombes Road to improve safety and ease congestion on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Autumn 2019

Construction is progressing well and you can now see the route of the bypass between Whitcombes Road and Grubb Road. The areas near Drakes Road and the new Peninsula Drive are almost ready to start preparing for asphalting.

We’ve finished asphalting where the new Peninsula Drive meets the existing Peninsula Drive. Temporary ramps have been installed and finishing work including kerbing and line marking, is planned for the upcoming school holidays in mid-April 2019.

Peninsula Drive

On 18 April we'll open a new section of Peninsula Drive.

This will change the way you access Drysdale’s education, sporting and entertainment precinct. You'll soon enter and exit Peninsula Drive through the new roundabout on Grubb Road.

It’s important to note the roundabout configuration on opening day is temporary as we build the remaining section of the roundabout on Grubb Road.

The final Peninsula Drive roundabout will open to traffic at the end of August 2019, subject to favourable weather conditions.

Andersons Road

As part of the project, we’re also changing the configuration of Andersons Road, beginning with its closure at Grubb Road on Friday 3 May 2019.

We know that Andersons Road is a busy place during school drop off and pick up times, so we’ve created additional parking areas and maintained pedestrian access to schools, sports grounds and Potato Shed.

The map below shows you the best way to access the precinct.

View a larger version of this map

Dust management

Unfortunately, dust is an impact of any road project, but we're doing everything we can to mitigate and minimise its impacts.

For our active work sites, we have over 10 water carts running along the bypass alignment working to keep dust down on windy days.

During construction, we often need to stockpile dirt to use later in the project. For these areas, we routinely apply a dust suppression product, called Bon Matte, an environmentally friendly matting agent which works by sticking to exposed areas of dirt and holding them in place.

For other stockpiles, we use hydro-seeding to keep the dirt stable. When we've finished earthworks in a specific area we start landscaping with mulch, grass or vegetation.

Getting you connected

A large number of service relocations have been carried out, including power, water, and Telstra/ NBN services in various locations. More of these relocations are planned in the coming months.

Preserving indigenous plants

In December, we met with Bellarine LandCare to collect seeds from four coastal manna gum trees which are indigenous to the local area. One teaspoon of the tiny seeds can provide up to 1000 new manna gums. If they propagate successfully, some of these new coastal manna gums will be replanted along the Bypass. We’ll start landscaping once we finish each section, beginning with the new Peninsula Drive that’s scheduled to open in May 2019.

More information

For more information see our latest Community Update:

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