We're upgrading Fitzsimons Lane to make it easier and safer to get you where you need to be.

What we’re doing

We’re starting works on site. We’ll start by setting up a site office nearby in Templestowe and undertaking a range of other activities described below to prepare for major works.

Over the next few months, we’ll be completing site investigations, spending time setting up safe work areas and then starting to relocate or protect utility services and build drainage.

Initial construction activities will include:

  • site investigations
  • installing temporary fencing and traffic barriers to separate traffic from the worksite and create a safe work area
  • removal of medians to create temporary pavement areas
  • tree and vegetation removal
  • relocation of utility services
  • relocation of the River Peel sculpture to its new home.

What can you expect

We’ll carefully plan our work to minimise disruptions and provide you with advance notice of scheduled changes so you can plan your movements.

We’ll plan ahead and keep residents, businesses and motorists informed of our works through regular emails, SMS, project updates, electronic message boards, and a 24-hour contact line.

Working hours

Most works will be performed between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and 7am to 2pm on Saturdays.

In order to minimise disruption to the community and to take advantage of when the roads are quietest, we will work extended hours during school holidays, which will generally be between 7am and 10pm. Some works will need to occur overnight, and we’ll provide advanced notice so that you can plan and prepare.

Where possible we’ll complete phases of works with construction ‘blitzes’. This means we’ll work around the clock to complete the works quickly, minimise extended impacts and provide the community with the benefits of the upgrade as early as possible. We’ll provide advance notice for any blitz activities so that you can prepare and plan ahead.

Noise and vibration

There will be some noise and vibration during construction. This may be generated from moving vehicles, machinery, rock breaking, reversing beepers or generators used to power equipment. Where works need to take place at night, we’ll make all reasonable efforts to reduce noise where possible.

Driving, riding and walking

There will be changes to traffic conditions including temporary traffic lights, lane closures, speed limit reductions, local road access changes and full road closures with detours.

We’ll need to move bus stops temporarily while we build the new intersections and you may need to walk a little further to get around.

We’ll notify you of these changes before they happen. To receive this information promptly, please subscribe to email or SMS updates.

Detours, signage and traffic controllers will be in place to manage traffic flow and ensure all road users are able to safely navigate around our work areas. Access to private properties and businesses will be maintained at all times.

Respecting and managing the environment

We recognise that mature trees and vegetation are important to the local community and supports local biodiversity. Minimising the impact of vegetation removal has been an important consideration in the design and construction staging of the project.

We’ll protect trees and other sensitive vegetation with ‘no-go zones’ and have qualified fauna and flora handlers on call. We have a dedicated environment manager for the project.

Stay involved

As we start building there will be opportunities to have your say on other aspects of the project. This includes things such as landscaping, providing ideas on how we can reuse the timber from the trees we need to remove and other legacy items that will remain long after the project is finished.

Your feedback will also help us minimise inconvenience to businesses and residents as we plan for construction activities.

Plan your journey

We’ll need to change how you move around the area whilst we are building the intersections.

There will be signs and detours in place to guide you and we’ll always provide advance notice ahead of changes. We do ask that you expect delays and plan ahead.

Restricted access

To complete works safely we’ll need to install barriers, close lanes and change how you move through the intersections.

Walking and Riding

We’ll ensure you can continue to walk and cycle through the area, however at times you may be detoured to safely move around the work area. Keep an eye out for directional signage.

Bus stops

We’ll need to move bus stops temporarily whilst we build the new intersections. Visit ptv.vic.gov.au to subscribe to Public Transport Victoria weekly travel alerts.

Keeping you informed

We’ll keep you updated throughout construction. Sign up for email or SMS updates below. For the latest traffic updates visit Victoria's Big Build.

Be on the lookout for variable message signs on the road which we will use to inform you of upcoming traffic changes.

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