We're upgrading Fitzsimons Lane to make it easier and safer to get you where you need to be.

The River Peel

After 20 years the iconic River Peel sculpture is moving.

As part of the Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade work the sculpture is moving from the intersection of Porter Street and Fitzsimons Lane, about 1 kilometres north near the Yarra River.

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There will be temporary off-peak lane closures usually between 9am and 3pm and speed limits will be lowered to 40km/h during works to ensure the safety of our workers and the community.

Williamsons Road pedestrian crossing and bus stop closure

From late April, the pedestrian crossing on Williamsons Road, off the Porter Street intersection will be temporarily closed to ensure the safety of pedestrians while widening work is taking place.

The nearest pedestrian crossing with traffic lights is located near Foote Street.

From late April, the bus stop on Williamsons Road (close to the corner of Porter Street) will also be closed with the next closest bus stop being 200 metres towards Foote Street. You will need to use Hawtin Street to access this bus stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the River Peel sculpture been in its current location?

This sculpture was installed in 2001 by Manningham City Council in partnership with VicRoads. It is a landmark feature that signifies the gateway to Manningham. The green colour references the past orchards of the area, and the shape references the winding nature of the Yarra River.

Who will relocate the River Peel sculpture?

We are upgrading key intersections in Eltham and Templestowe and will be responsible for relocating the River Peel sculpture.

Why does the sculpture need to be relocated?

As part of the Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade the roundabout at Fitzsimons Lane and Porter Street will be removed and the intersection upgraded to traffic lights which will make it easier and safer for you to travel through the intersection.

The River Peel sculpture currently stands in the centre of the roundabout and will need to be relocated.

We have worked closely with Manningham City Council, Parks Victoria and the Department of Transport to identify a new home for the River Peel sculpture.

How long will it take to relocate and when will it be relocated?

The River Peel sculpture will be carefully dismantled and moved to a new home near the river.

We'll need to build new footings for the sculpture before it is reassembled into its new position.

Where is the River Peel sculpture being relocated to?

The River Peel will be relocated in Fitzsimons Lane just south of the Yarra River to ensure it continues to be a gateway piece to Manningham.

When will the sculpture be reassembled?

The sculpture will be reassembled into its new position as soon as its new home is ready, which will involve establishing the foundations and footings.

Will lighting be installed around the River Peel sculpture at the new location?

Yes, lighting will be installed around the sculpture. We’re working to install power and lighting to the site, however it may take some time before it will be connected.

Will you be planting/revegetating around the sculpture?

Yes, we’ll be landscaping around the sculpture with mulch and similar plants/species to the current plantings within the roundabout.

Will trees need to be removed at the new location?

We’ve carefully planned the new location and angle of the sculpture at the new location to minimise impacts to vegetation. We don’t anticipate needing to remove any vegetation at the new location.

Who is the River Peel artist?

The sculpture was commissioned via an open competition for an Urban Gateway for the City of Manningham and was awarded to the artists Bellemo & Cat.

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