We’ve upgraded Hallam Road between Ormond Road and the South Gippsland Highway to make your journey safer and more reliable.


The Hallam Road Upgrade is now complete.

We worked to improve safety and traffic flow for the tens of thousands of people who rely on Hallam Road, South Gippsland Highway and Evans Road every day.

As part of this upgrade, we:

  • added an extra lane in each direction on Hallam Road between Ormond Road and South Gippsland Highway
  • upgraded the South Gippsland Highway, Hallam Road and Evans Road intersection and installed new traffic lights
  • built 1.2 kilometres of new shared walking and cycling paths on both sides of Hallam Road, making it easier and safer for you to walk or cycle around the local area
  • installed new bus queue jump lanes at the Hallam Road, South Gippsland Highway and Evans Road intersection, on both sides of the highway to give buses priority
  • installed new bus stops along Hallam Road and Evans Road to cater for future additional bus routes
  • improved traffic flow and safety by changing Livingstone Rise and Aylmer Road to left-in and out only
  • installed traffic lights at the SUEZ Resource Recovery Precinct to help manage trucks entering and exiting.
Hallam Rd upgrade design map

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Extra lane in each direction

New traffic lights at South Gippsland Highway and Hallam Road intersection

New walking and cycling path

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