We’ve upgraded Hallam Road between Ormond Road and the South Gippsland Highway to make your journey safer and more reliable.


We've now fully opened the new intersection at South Gippsland Highway, Hallam Road and Evans Road. We've reopened Evans Road to traffic and have completed the new lanes on Hallam Road.

By the end of June, we'll complete major construction on the Hallam Road Upgrade. However, we'll continue with some minor works until September.

While we continue with these minor works, we may need to close some lanes and reduce speeds to keep you and our workers safe. We’ll place signs on the road to let you know in advance of any disruptive works.

Once all works are complete later this year, we’ll increase the speed limit on Hallam Road between Ormond Road and South Gippsland Highway to 80km/h.


Watch the new intersection being built.

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