We’re upgrading Hallam Road between Ormond Road and the South Gippsland Highway to make your journey safer and more reliable.

Project updates

Hallam Road works

We’re taking a short break over the festive season. When we return in early January 2020, we’ll focus our efforts on building the extra lanes, new bus bays and shared walking and cycling paths.

Hallam Road northbound lane and full closure

To quickly and safely deliver this upgrade, we’ll close Hallam Road for vehicles travelling north between South Gippsland Highway and Ormond Road from Monday 6 to Thursday 30 January. Detours will be in place via Lynbrook Boulevard and Pound Road.

Hallam Road will mostly remain open for vehicles travelling south towards Cranbourne. You’ll still have access to Diaco’s Discount Nursery, Outlook Environmental and Lyndpark Garden Supplies.

At times between 12 January and 30 January, we’ll also need to close Hallam Road in both directions at night. A small detour will be in place from 6pm to 6am, so allow an extra five minutes when planning your journey.

To keep you and our crew safe while we work, we’ll have a reduced speed limit of 40km/h, signage and traffic controllers will be in place to guide you through the area.

Detour map

Hallam Road north bound detour map

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 114.0 KB)

Building the new southbound lanes

We’ll also be working behind the roadside barriers on the east side of Hallam Road to:

  • move utility services, such as water and electricity, away from where the new lanes on Hallam Road will be built and making way for the new traffic lights at South Gippsland Highway
  • move the overhead power lines permanently underground.

There will be changes to how you travel on Hallam Road (see below).

South Gippsland Highway works

We’re working behind the barriers on South Gippsland Highway to install traffic lights and build dedicated turning lanes into Hallam Road and Evans Road.

At times outside of peak travel periods, we'll ban right-turns at South Gippsland Highway and Evans Road to:

  • build the new centre median on South Gippsland Highway, which includes the installation of the concrete kerb, asphalt and drainage
  • connect the infrastructure under the road for the new traffic lights and public lighting.

South Gippsland Highway will also be reduced to one lane as required in each direction between Elliott Parade and Golf Club Road to complete these important upgrades. As it’s a work area, we’ll reduce the speed to 40km/h to keep you and our workers safe.

There will be some changes to how you travel on South Gippsland Highway (see below).

Evans Road works

We’ll be working on South Gippsland Highway at the corner of Evans Road. We’ll dig up the existing centre median and build up the area to prepare the road for the upgraded intersection.

Over the next few months you’ll see us working in the area as we build new turning lanes. To complete these works, we’ll close the Evans Road footpath at Aylmer Road until February. Pedestrians will need to detour via Aisbett Close.

Changes to the way you travel

Hallam Road

As we complete these essential upgrades, we’ll sometimes need to reduce Hallam Road to one lane between South Gippsland Highway and Livingstone Rise. Traffic controllers will be onsite to guide you through the work area.

Right turn bans will be in place at the Hallam Road and South Gippsland Highway intersection for the duration of the project.

Detours via Lynbrook Boulevard will be in place. Large vehicles need to detour via Pound Road for drivers who want to turn right from:

  • Hallam Road onto South Gippsland Highway
  • South Gippsland Highway onto Hallam Road.

South Gippsland Highway

South Gippsland Highway will be reduced to one lane in each direction between Elliott Parade and Golf Club Road as required until the end of the year, to complete these important upgrades.  Speed limits will be reduced to 40km/h through the work area..

Evans Road

At certain times while we work, temporary right turn bans will be in place at Evans Road and South Gippsland Highway. We will do this as required to complete works on the new right turn lanes into South Gippsland Highway.

To keep up to date with the latest disruptions visit Victoria's Big Build.

Business open as usual

While we work, you can still shop locally at Diaco’s Discount Nursery and Garden Rock Supplies, Outlook Environmental and Lyndpark Garden Supplies on Hallam Road.

Trucks can still access the SUEZ Hampton Park Resource Recovery Precinct and Holcim.

New access for Livingstone Rise and Lyndpark Garden Supplies

From 25 January 2020, a centre median will be installed along Hallam Road. This means the way you access Livingstone Rise will change and become left in and left out only.

The way you access Lyndpark Garden Supplies on Hallam Road will also change. From 7 January 2020 the new permanent access will be via the Suez Resource Recovery Precinct driveway.

Removal of asbestos

As part of the upgrade, we’ve been digging up the ground to prepare for the new dedicated turning lanes on Hallam Road, South Gippsland Highway and Evans Road.

During these works we uncovered material that contain asbestos that we need to remove.

What we’ll do and when

From Monday 25 November to early 2020, we’ll dig out this material and remove it from our works area.

The asbestos found is non-friable asbestos. This type asbestos is commonly found in cement piping and sheeting and produced in a bonded state. This means it cannot be crushed by hand and poses a low risk.

What you may see

To carry out these works safely, we engaged a licenced asbestos removalist to remove the asbestos from these locations. Due to asbestos management regulations, workers handling the material must wear protective clothing regardless of the level of risk involved.

As we progress building the upgrade, we may uncover more asbestos materials that will need to be removed. If we do, we’ll keep you informed, and we’ll follow the same guidelines for asbestos removal.

Tree removal and trimming

To make way for the new lanes we’ll be building on Hallam Road and the upgraded intersection at Hallam Road and South Gippsland Highway, we will need to remove and trim some trees.

Every effort has been made to minimise the number of trees removed, and only trees affected by our works will be removed. We’ve also been granted the relevant planning permits for the removal.

We’ve removed and trimmed some trees already and will still need to remove some more.  When we do this, we’ll have a fauna handler on site to inspect each tree and relocate any wildlife before any trees are removed.

We’re also working with community groups to identify opportunities to recycle and reuse the timber from these trees.

Once our works are complete, we’ll landscape the area with over 10,000 new trees and shrubs.

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