We’re planning for the future construction of the Ison Road Rail Overpass Bridge in Werribee which will provide a vital link from Wyndham West to the Princes Freeway.


The project will include construction of a road overpass bridge across the Melbourne-Geelong Railway line, extending the road south towards Browns Road and connecting with a section of Ison Road to be constructed by Wyndham City Council.

The project scope includes opportunities for active transport, including a shared user path and dedicated bike lanes on both carriageways.

The project aims to:

  • provide a vital link to the developing residential areas of Wyndham West to the Princes Freeway to Melbourne and Geelong.
  • provide Wyndham West residents access to surrounding areas and broader transport networks
  • support urban growth and housing development in this high-growth area
  • reduce traffic in central Werribee, thereby reducing congestion and improving journey reliability to Princes Freeway and the Werribee Town Centre
  • improve amenity and safety of local streets and Werribee Town Centre.
Ison Road Rail Overpass map

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The overpass will provide a vital link from the developing residential areas of Wyndham West to the Princes Freeway and broader transport networks.

The project is expected to reduce congestion by directing traffic out of central Werribee and improving safety and travel times to the Werribee Town Centre.

Current activities

Planning and development works are underway for Ison Road Rail Overpass. These early works include extensive site investigations and environmental studies.

Once completed these studies will provide government with an accurate view on all aspects of the project, including funding and any potential environmental requirements.

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