We’re adding an extra lane in each direction between Oliphant Way and Frankston-Dandenong Road, upgrading intersections, building a new bridge over Peninsula Link and installing safety barriers.

Frequently asked questions

Can the road remain open while the work is completed?

By working in the road reserve we can keep Lathams Road Upgrade open for the majority of the construction period.

There may be times when we are unable to avoid temporarily closing a section of road to complete works or so we can finish the works sooner and avoid prolonged disruptions to local schools, residents and businesses in the area.

Why restrict right-hand turn access?

  • Safety – we restrict right-hand turn access in order to keep the road as safe as possible and avoid cars crossing multiple lanes of traffic. ‘Left-in’ and ‘left-out only’ is safer. Reducing the number of right-hand turns across multiple lanes of traffic also reduces the chance of side impact collisions (often called ‘T-bones’).
  • Improved traffic flow – when we control the places where cars can turn right, we reduce congestion by minimising the ‘queues’ that may form behind them. This improves traffic flow and helps minimise congestion.

Will there be nightworks?

We’ll mostly work during the day but there may be some periods of 24/7 works so we can finish the works sooner and avoid prolonged disruptions to local schools, residents and businesses in the area.

When we need to work at night, we’ll notify affected residents and businesses well in advance so you can plan alternative arrangements if required.

What is the detour route?

There is no requirement to detour traffic during normal works.  If road closures are required, information and detour maps will be displayed at Victoria's Big Build website.

Will you remove parking on Lathams Road? Where will I be able to park?

Lathams Road is being upgraded to provide two lanes in each direction, a number of turning lanes, and a service road in some sections. This substantial upgrade means the current level of on-street parking at Lathams Road will be reduced to allow space for new lanes and make the road safer for all users.

Parking will be available in the Lathams Road service roads and in local side streets.

We conducted parking surveys in 2018 that indicated there is adequate parking in these service roads and side streets to accommodate the volume of vehicles in the area. Frankston City Council is responsible for determining parking restrictions and we are liaising closely with council to ensure they are aware of the project and timing.

In May 2021, we received approval to add 35 new parking spaces into the design. These spaces are located between Colemans Road and Levida Drive.

Will I still be able to access my business during construction?

You’ll still be able to access businesses and private properties during construction.

At certain times, you may need to complete a detour to access to your business. We’ll communicate detours as early as possible to ensure businesses can plan ahead.

We’re committed to minimising the impact to businesses and business operations during construction of the Lathams Road Upgrade.

If you have questions about heavy vehicle access at your property, please contact the project team on 1800 105 105.

We’ll plan ahead and keep businesses informed of our works through regular emails, information sessions and a 24-hour contact line.

We’re also working closely with Frankston City Council to ensure businesses in the Carrum Downs Industrial Area are aware of the coaching and business support available during and after construction.

Will trees be removed as part of the project?

We will retain as many existing trees and vegetation along Lathams Road as possible. While removal of some trees and vegetation will be unavoidable, we will offset these impacts by planting more trees along the alignment in places like interchange reserves at Eastlink, and near where Lathams Road crosses Peninsula Link.

An Urban Design Strategy is being developed to ensure landscaping on completion aligns with the surrounding environment and local aesthetics.

Can pedestrians and cyclists move through the area?

There will be road signs in place and traffic controllers to safely guide pedestrians and cyclists around the work area.

More information

If you have any questions about our works, please call 1800 105 105 or email contact@roadprojects.vic.gov.au

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