We’re adding an extra lane in each direction between Oliphant Way and Frankston-Dandenong Road, upgrading intersections, building a new bridge over Peninsula Link and installing safety barriers.

Community update

Find out all the latest news in our recent community update  Lathams Road Upgrade Community Update July 2021 (PDF, 542.3 KB)

Bridge works - July 2021

We’re about to start early works on a new, two–lane bridge over Peninsula Link.

Early works will include:

  • removal of a small amount of vegetation along Lathams Road on both approaches to the additional Peninsula Link bridge crossing
  • barrier installations along Peninsula Link under the Lathams Road bridge and on the northern side of Lathams Road, between Boggy Creek and Frankston Gardens Drive
  • delivery of construction materials and machinery.

To complete these works, there will be occasional short-term lane closures and reduced speed limits in place. You’ll also see more construction vehicles in the area, and trucks entering and exiting the site near Peninsula Link bridge.

These preparatory works will take approximately 3 months.

Early works

Since October 2020, we’ve been locating underground utility services and assessing road and ground conditions to determine the final project design.

Major service relocation works are set to begin in July 2021, when we will be relocating services including gas, telecommunications and electricity lines.

Major works are expected to start in late 2021. We’ll work from the western end of Lathams Road, at the Oliphant Way roundabout on Rutherford Road.

This upgrade is being delivered by local construction company, Winslow Infrastructure.

What can you expect?

When works begin we will need to install barriers, close lanes and reduce speed limits to ensure the safety of workers and road users. Minor traffic delays should be expected.

For major works we may need to close a section of road.  In these cases please plan ahead, add extra time to your journey, and take extra care around road works.

You can find out more about planned works at Victoria's Big Build.

We’ll keep you informed of our works through regular emails, project updates, electronic message boards, information sessions and our 24-hour contact line.

Working hours

Most works will happen from Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm, and on Saturdays between 7am and 1pm. Sometimes we may need to work at night or on weekends, when there’s less traffic on the roads.

If nightworks are required, we’ll provide advance notice to residents and businesses who may be affected.


Noise from construction will vary depending on the type of activity being undertaken. If you’re close to our works, you may notice increased noise levels at times.

Some of the main sources of noise during construction include excavators and graders, piling rigs, generators, power tools, site workers, and trucks delivering and transferring materials to and from our construction sites.

We’ll make every effort to minimise any impacts on local residents and businesses during these works by:

  • scheduling noisy activities in day-time construction hours
  • providing local residents and businesses with advance notice about any out-of-hours works
  • fitting machinery with engine noise reduction equipment
  • monitoring noise in areas adjacent to residential and commercial properties.


We’ll endeavour to maintain access to homes and businesses at all times.  If access needs to be restricted we’ll notify residents and businesses regarding any future impacts.

Access changes

This upgrade includes changing access to some local side streets.

The changes will provide better connectivity and improve traffic flow and safety for all road users by reducing the likelihood and severity of crashes. Under the new design, permanent changes will be in place to provide safe turning options at nearby intersections.


Work will be conducted safely and in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. For more information please visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au

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