We're upgrading the M80 Ring Road from Laverton North to Greensborough.

Blaxland Avenue overpass upgrade

As part of the M80 Upgrade between Sydney Road and Edgars Road, we've upgraded the Blaxland Avenue cycling and pedestrian overpass so we can add new lanes to the freeway underneath.

We’ve demolished the existing ramps, built new ramps, installed privacy screens, upgraded the handrails and have started painting the overpass a brand-new colour, Kikuyu, which was chosen by the local community.

The M80 team built 17 bridge supports and used over 260 tonnes of concrete and 162 tonnes of steel to upgrade the overpass.

Transcript -  M80 Blaxland Avenue painting (DOCX, 15.3 KB).

Check out this video to see the overpass change colour.

Fast facts

  • The Blaxland Avenue overpass is a cable stay bridge and a key feature of the M80 Ring Road in this area.
  • The M80 Upgrade between Sydney Road and Edgars Road was designed so that the overpass could be retained.
  • The bridge provides a safe and easy north-south connection for the hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians who traverse the freeway each day.
  • We’ve extended the overpass so that we can build new freeway lanes underneath.
  • We’ve also widened the overpass ramps to make them more accessible and provide more room for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • We’ve increased the height of the handrails on the overpass to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

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