We're upgrading the M80 Ring Road from Laverton North to Greensborough.

Working hours

Most works will be undertaken during the day between 7am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

We'll also be doing some works at night to minimise impacts on traffic and ensure the safety of our workers. We’ll let you know ahead of time if our night works may affect you.


Noise from construction will vary depending on the type of activity being undertaken. If you’re close to our works, you may notice increased noise levels at times.

Some of the main sources of noise during construction include machinery such as excavators and graders, piling rigs, generators, power tools, site workers, vehicles and trucks delivering and transferring materials to and from our construction sites.

We’ll make all reasonable efforts to minimise any impacts on local residents and businesses during these works by:

  • scheduling noisy activities in day-time construction hours as much as possible
  • providing local residents and businesses with advance notice about any out-of-hours works
  • fitting machinery with engine noise reduction equipment
  • monitoring noise in areas adjacent to residential and commercial properties.

Construction impacts

Our construction activities may generate medium to high levels of noise, dust and vibration. We’ll have measures in place to minimise these impacts.

We’re using a piling technique known as bored piling. This uses a rig to drill holes into the ground and remove dirt and rock. We’ll load the dirt and rock into trucks and take it off site for disposal. We then drop a prefabricated steel reinforcement cage into the hole and pour concrete into the holes for reinforcement and to form the pile. This technique minimises the amount of noise and vibration we produce.

We'll undertake the piling in stages on both the north and south sides of the freeway. We'll begin at the Edgars Road Greensborough-bound exit ramp from late August. We'll then move to the Edgars Road Altona-bound entry ramp from early September. We'll start piling at the Blaxland Avenue overpass from late September and start piling for the new noise walls in October and November.

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