We're adding extra lanes to the Monash Freeway between Warrigal and Cardinia Roads to make your journey quicker, easier and safer.


As part of stage 2 of the Monash Freeway Upgrade, we’re upgrading O’Shea Road to reduce congestion and provide easier access to the Princes Freeway.

As part of the project, we’ll:

  • upgrade O’Shea Road to three lanes in each direction between Clyde Road and Soldiers Road
  • extend O’Shea Road to join the Beaconsfield interchange
  • upgrade the Beaconsfield interchange to a full diamond interchange – we’ll add an inbound freeway off-ramp and an outbound freeway on-ramp
  • add traffic lights at Skyline Way, Bridgewater Boulevard and Soldiers Road with included pedestrian crossings
  • upgrade the intersection at Clyde Road
  • upgrade and extend the shared walking and cycling paths along O’Shea Road, including a new pedestrian bridge over the Pakenham railway line.

Once complete, the upgrades on O’Shea Road and the Beaconsfield interchange will:

  • reduce congestion and travel times
  • improve traffic flow
  • take pressure off Clyde Road
  • make it easier to travel around the local area and join the freeway
  • make it easier and safer to walk and cycle around the local area
  • improve the flow of public transport.

View the updated design for the O’Shea Road Upgrade.

Major construction is set to commence on O’Shea Road in mid 2021 and be completed in 2022.


How many lanes will you be adding as part of the O’Shea Road upgrade?

We’ll be adding 2 extra lanes in each direction between Clyde Road and Soldiers Road. Once completed, O’Shea Road will be 3 lanes in each direction and 6 lanes in total.

Will the extension of O’Shea Road from Soldiers Road to the Beaconsfield interchange be 3 lanes in each direction?

Yes, the extension of O’Shea Road through to the Beaconsfield interchange will be 3 lanes in each direction.

Are you installing a noise wall or safety barriers along O’Shea Road?

O’Shea Road is being upgraded in accordance with VicRoads Noise Policy.

Noise walls will not be installed between Clyde Road and the Beaconsfield interchange as the VicRoads Noise Policy does not allow for the provision of noise attenuation in this case.

Safety barriers will be installed along O’Shea Road protecting pedestrians and cyclists using the Shared Use Path (SUP).

Are traffic lights being installed along O’Shea Road?

Traffic lights will be installed at Skyline Way, Bridgewater Boulevard and Soldiers Road. The intersection at Clyde Road will also be upgraded as part of the project.

Where will the median openings be located along O’Shea Road?

In addition to the signalised intersections, median openings will be provided at Moondarra Drive, Riviera Drive and Jembecca Drive (note that the right turns out of Jembecca Drive and Riviera Drive will not be available following the upgrade).

A median opening will also be provided at the future North-South link road in the new development area near Macreadie Drive.

Why is this upgrade needed?

With more people expected to move into the City of Casey, the current road infrastructure will be unable to cope with the increased demand.

Upgrading O’Shea Road and providing a new connection to the Princes Freeway will reduce travel times in the area, improve safety, reliability, and take the pressure off Clyde Road.

How will cyclists and pedestrians be catered for in this upgrade?

A Shared Use Path (SUP) will be built along O’Shea Road from Clyde Road in Berwick to the Princes Highway in Beaconsfield.

How do I find out more?

Sign up for our project updates and keep an eye out for our upcoming community information sessions on our Community events page.

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