We're adding extra lanes to the Monash Freeway between Warrigal and Cardinia Roads to make your journey quicker, easier and safer.


As part of the Monash Freeway Upgrade Stage 2, we’ll reintroduce the Police Road entry ramp which was removed when EastLink opened. We’ll also create a dedicated Jacksons Road entry ramp.

Rebuilding the Police Road ramp

To make it easier for people to join EastLink, we’ll reintroduce the previously removed freeway entry ramp as part of the Jacksons Road to the EastLink collector-distributor.

We will connect Police Road to the Monash Freeway with an eastbound entry ramp which will improve traffic flow and your safety when you travel on this part of the freeway.

This means if you’re local and want to join EastLink, you’ll need to use the Jacksons Road outbound entry ramp. And if you want to join the Monash Freeway, you’ll need to use the Police Road outbound ramp.

Map showing upgrades to Police Road and Jacksons Road

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