We're adding extra lanes to the Monash Freeway between Warrigal and Cardinia Roads to make your journey quicker, easier and safer.

Stage 2 update

The Monash Freeway Upgrade is adding 36km of lanes between Warrigal Road and Cardinia Road. Progress in 2021 has motored along swiftly with more than 100 beams to widen eight bridges now installed across the project.

We’ve recently:
  • installed piers and beams to widen the bridges at Forster Road, Ferntree Gully Road and Lower Gum Scrub Creek
  • placed 13,700 tonnes of asphalt to create new lanes in the centre median between Warrigal Road and EastLink
  • continued replacing sections of existing asphalt between Warrigal Road and EastLink
  • poured more than 700 cubic metres of concrete to secure the bridges at Cardinia Creek, Police Road and Jacksons Road
  • completed 33 piles for the new road that will connect the Jacksons Road outbound entry ramp to EastLink
  • installed 30 precast piles for the widened bridge at Beaconsfield Interchange and commenced piling for the pedestrian bridge
  • cleared vegetation and removed soil so we can construct new drainage and pavement layers on the centre median running along the freeway
  • continued general maintenance works along the freeway including asphalting to fill potholes and refreshing line-markings for easier navigation
  • commenced earthworks to construct the widened O'Shea Road.
In the coming months we’ll:
  • install beams at Beaconsfield Interchange
  • pour concrete to construct the bridge decks at Ferntree Gully Road, Lower Gum Scrub Creek and Cardinia Creek
  • construct temporary support towers for the new bridge that will connect the existing Jacksons Road entry ramp to EastLink
  • commence excavation works to reinstate the Police Road outbound entry ramp to the Monash Freeway
  • upgrade the inbound exit ramp at Springvale Road, extending the left turn lane
  • continue earthworks for the new ramps at Beaconsfield Interchange
  • progressing with piling works to widen the bridges at Beaconsfield Interchange and Officer South Road
  • continue drainage, pavement and asphalting works along the centre median of the freeway
  • install conduits on the inbound and outbound verges and wireless vehicle detectors along the freeway to assist with collecting real time travel data
  • continue general maintenance works like asphalting to fill potholes and refreshing line-markings for easier navigation
  • commence upgrade works at several intersections along O’Shea Road
  • relocate utilities including electricity, telecommunications, gas, sewer and water at O’Shea Road, and install storm water drainage at Clyde Road.
What you can expect

Work hours will be between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday and 7pm and 5am, Sunday to Friday, weather permitting.

There may be times we need to work outside these hours to minimise traffic impacts and keep you and our workers safe. If this occurs, residents near the works will be notified in advance.

During construction we’ll close freeway lanes and ramps. We'll also close sections of the freeway and roads which cross the freeway. These closures will be overnight and at off-peak periods with detours in place and communicated in advance.

There will be speed reductions in place and changed traffic conditions. For more information about disruptions, visit Victoria’s Big Build.

Paving the way with fresh asphalt

Thank you for your patience while we re-asphalt existing lanes on the Monash Freeway between Warrigal Road and EastLink. We’ve placed around 37,000 tonnes of asphalt since January.

We will have to continue asphalting works at times in winter when we move our centre median barriers. The bulk of our asphalting works will recommence later in the year when its warmer, paving the way for us to open new lanes in 2022.

In total, 73,000 tonnes of new asphalt will be placed in this section of the Monash Freeway, providing smoother journeys for 470,000 vehicles every day.

We've placed over 17,500 tonnes of asphalt in the centre median for your new lanes

We've placed over 17,500 tonnes of asphalt in the centre median for your new lanes.

Bridging the gap between the old and new

To create 36km of new lanes, we need to widen eight bridges at locations where the freeway passes over arterial roads and creeks.

To achieve this, we'll construct a new segment of bridge deck and pour concrete to connect it to the existing bridges on either side.

When the concrete is poured, there will be weekend freeway lane closures and speed reductions in place to reduce traffic vibrations on the bridges. This will allow the concrete to set and achieve its required strength during the first few days of curing.

In the coming months this will occur at Ferntree Gully Road in Glen Waverley and Cardinia Creek and Lower Gum Scrub Creek in Officer. The remaining three bridges will be completed in the second half of 2021.

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