We’re building the new Mordialloc Freeway to connect the Mornington Peninsula Freeway to the Dingley Bypass.

Building the Freeway

We awarded the contract to the McConnell Dowell Decmil Joint Venture and started work to build the Mordialloc Freeway in late 2019.

Since then, we've brought in more than 2 million tonnes of material needed to build the foundations of the Freeway, moved or relocated services and utilities across the site and started building the bridges over the intersecting roads.

We’re making great progress to complete the project by late 2021.

Find more information about our current works on our Construction page, or through our new interactive map below.


The Mordialloc Freeway will improve travel times and ease congestion in Melbourne’s south east, providing safer, more reliable journeys.

As part of the Mordialloc Freeway project, we’ll build:

  • bridges over Springvale, Governor, Lower Dandenong and Centre Dandenong Roads, along with new freeway entry and exit ramps
  • bridges over Old Dandenong Road and the Waterways wetlands
  • new entry and exit ramps at Thames Promenade
  • an intersection with traffic lights at Wells Road and Thames Promenade
  • an intersection with traffic lights to connect the Freeway with the Dingley Bypass
  • a new shared walking and cycling path along the entire Freeway.


Transcript - Mordialloc Freeway Flyover video (DOCX, 12.6 KB).

Check out what's happened since starting work in 2019 and there’s not long to go until we open to traffic late 2021.

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