We’re building the new Mordialloc Freeway to connect the Mornington Peninsula Freeway to the Dingley Bypass.

Current works

The current stage of works includes:

  • starting construction on the bridge retaining walls at Old Dandenong, Centre Dandenong and Lower Dandenong roads.
  • piling, where we’ll dig into the ground to build the foundations for the bridges
  • building the twin bridge over the Waterways wetlands
  • moving or protecting utilities
  • installing new drainage throughout the project area
  • installing temporary safety barriers
  • making small changes to local roads, including:
    • changing line marking,
    • closing lanes, and
    • widening roads where they intersect with our work area.
  • detouring pedestrian pathways affected by our works
  • removing trees and vegetation where it is unavoidable
  • bringing material to build the foundations of the Freeway

We’ll carry out most of these works from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and from 7am to 3.30pm on Saturdays. We’ll let you know in advance of work outside of these hours.

More information about our current works is available through our new interactive map below.

To see some of the work we’ve completed, view the image galleries at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your patience as we improve travel times and ease congestion in Melbourne’s south east.

Governor Road closure

We’re closing Governor Road between Bate Drive and Burdekin Boulevard from 10pm, Sunday 23 August until 5am, Monday 5 October.

During this time, we’ll complete 20 weeks of work in just six weeks, including:

  • widening Governor Road to build the new turning lanes needed to enter and exit the Freeway
  • installing drainage and laying new asphalt, complete temporary line marking
  • starting work to build the bridge over Governor Road.

During this time, we’ll maintain residential access to Waterways, the Bate Drive Industrial Estate and the businesses located along Governor Road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you closing the road?

We’re starting work to build the new intersection and bridge over Governor Road.

Why can’t you keep the road open while you work?

We need to close Governor Road to safely and quickly complete the works to build the new turning lanes.

We’ll be able to complete 20 weeks of work in only six weeks while the road is closed.

When will you be working?

We’ll do most of our work between 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and between 7am to 5pm on Saturdays. Additionally, we’ll need to work overnight from 10pm, Sunday 23 August to 6am, 24 August.

We’ll schedule noisier works earlier in the evening and do our best to keep noise to a minimum when working overnight.

We’ll let you know in advance if we need to work outside these hours.

Why aren’t you doing most of the work at night to reduce the time the road is closed?

We’ve planned most of our work to be during the day to minimise impacts to the nearby residents.

How will you detour motorists around the closure?

We’ll detour motorists via Springvale Road and Lower Dandenong Road or Springvale Road and Wells Road. We’ll keep you informed of changes to traffic conditions through road signs and traffic controllers.

The detour via Lower Dandenong Road will add approximately:

  • 7 minutes to a motorist’s journey in off-peak times, or
  • 12 minutes in peak times.

The detour via Springvale Road will add approximately:

  • 5 minutes to a motorist’s journey in off-peak times, or
  • 23 minutes in peak times.

For more information, visit Victoria's Big Build.

What’s happening with the 709 Bus service?

We'll temporarily close the bus stops at Bate Drive during the closure. We'll temporarily relocate the bus stops on Burdekin Boulevard 250 metres south to Waterside Drive.

For more information, visit Public Transport Victoria's disruptions page.

More information

If you have any questions about our works, please call 1800 105 105 or email contact@roadprojects.vic.gov.au

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