We’re upgrading Narre Warren North Road between Fox Road and Belgrave-Hallam Road to improve safety and travel times.

Online community information session

Thank you to everyone who attended the online community information session on Wednesday 10 November.

If you couldn’t attend, you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions and our responses below.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via email or on 1800 105 105.

Frequently asked questions

Uncontrolled right turns are being removed for safety reasons, and vehicles will have to do U-turns instead to get where they need to go. Why are right turns considered more dangerous than U-turns?

Once the project is complete, Narre Warren North Road will be two lanes in each direction. Restricting access to left-in and left-out at Crawley Road and left-out only at Brundrett Road will be much safer for drivers than turning right across multiple lanes of traffic with vehicles travelling in both directions.

All except one of the U-turns the project is introducing will be performed at a signalised intersection and will therefore be controlled. This removes all other conflicting traffic movements and makes these U-turns safer than uncontrolled right turns.

While the new U-turn lane just north of Brundrett Road outside the Japara St Jude aged care home won’t be controlled, the traffic lights further north at Fox Road will provide breaks in traffic that will allow drivers to U-turn safely.

Crawley Road has significantly more residences than Memorial Drive. Why have you chosen to signalise Memorial Drive instead of Crawley Road and inconvenience many more residents by removing right turn movements in/out of Crawley Road?

There are several reasons.

Memorial Drive carries around three times as many vehicles each day than Crawley Road so it’s safest to install traffic lights at the intersection that carries the highest number of vehicles.

Installing traffic lights at Memorial Drive also caters for future growth in vehicle volumes, which is important given there are new developments already underway in areas accessed by Memorial Drive. On the other hand, there’s limited potential for further development in the Crawley Road residential estates.

Finally, Memorial Drive is on the 841 and 842 public bus routes and facilitates emergency vehicle movements from the CFA station.

In response to community feedback, we did explore the feasibility of installing traffic lights at Crawley Road. However, an independent road safety assessment found this design was not as safe as removing the right turns altogether. It also required a bigger footprint, which would have resulted in compulsory acquisition of private land and increased water flow into, and potential flooding of, Troups Creek. View the Design page for more information.

Very little has changed in the design. Why was our feedback not considered following community consultation earlier in the year?

Most of the feedback we received in March was about the proposed access changes at Brundrett and Crawley roads. We explored several options to address your feedback, including:

  • Moving the traffic lights from Memorial Drive to Crawley Road
  • Maintaining right turns from Narre Warren North Road into Crawley Road
  • Maintaining right turns from Brundrett Road
  • Reducing the distance travelled for u-turns.

The focus for the Narre Warren North Road Upgrade is to improve road safety for all road users. Each of the options were assessed against the original design by independent road safety experts. We also considered impacts to surrounding land use and the environment.

The final design balances the needs of the whole community – local residents and businesses, pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians, as well as those travelling through Narre Warren North Road – to provide the safest option for all road users. Read more about our final design.

Will heavy vehicles be able to perform the U-turn at Memorial Drive to access Crawley or Brundrett roads?

Vehicles up to 8.8 metres in length will be able to safely perform a U-turn at the Memorial Drive intersection. This includes vehicles towing a trailer or horse float and fire trucks.

However, vehicles that are longer than 8.8 metres such as most trucks, buses, and B Doubles will need to detour via Fox and Belgrave-Hallam roads.

If I turn left out of Crawley or Brundrett roads and would like to head north, will I be able to U-turn at Fox Road instead of Ernst Wanke Road?

We aren’t making any changes to the traffic signals at the intersection of Narre Warren North and Fox roads as part of this project, so you’ll still be able to perform a U-turn there.

The only difference is that at the Ernst Wanke Road intersection, vehicles that are performing U-turns will have priority and won’t have to give way to vehicles turning left into Narre Warren North Road.

Cantwell Road will become a rat run with the proposed access changes at Crawley and Brundrett roads. Has the City of Casey been consulted on this issue and what will be done to mitigate additional traffic on this narrow street?

We engaged regularly with the City of Casey during the development of the project’s designs, and Council representatives participated in the project’s safety and design workshops. Council is supportive of the project’s final designs.

We understand your concerns regarding the possible flow-on effects of the access changes to Crawley and Brundrett roads and we’re continuing to work with the City of Casey to investigate ways to deter rat-running on local roads.

Why was the community info session not held in person?

At the time we were planning the event, there were much more stringent COVID restrictions in place. While these did ease somewhat just prior to the event, we still felt it was important that the information session be safe and accessible to everyone in the community. Given the high number of active COVID cases in the community, and ongoing restrictions around public events including capacity limits, check-in and vaccination requirements, we felt an online session to be the most appropriate forum at this time.

We plan to be out in the community regularly as we move into construction and as case numbers come down and restrictions ease further.

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