We’re upgrading Narre Warren North Road between Fox Road and Belgrave-Hallam Road to improve safety and travel times.


Throughout October we’ll be completing investigations to locate underground utility services along Narre Warren North Road between Heatherton and Ernst Wanke Road.

While we won’t work every day, we’ll mostly work Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm. Occasional weekend work may also be required.

You may experience some minor noise disruptions as we dig small holes in the ground to establish the location of underground utilities.

We may also need to reduce speed limits and close a lane from time to time to keep our workers and the community safe.


What are there roadworks on Narre Warren North Road?

We’re doing some early utility investigations.

What’s being done?

We’ll be:

  • Opening utility pits being opened as we check the depth
  • Utility trucks tracking service assets like gas, water and electricity
  • Digging small holes in the ground to establish the exact location of underground utilities
  • Assessing if there’s any Heritage significance in or around the proposed site
  • Assessing if there’s any impact to trees in or around the proposed site.

I’ve seen some-one taking photos with a clip board – is this someone from the project team?

As part of the early investigations, we’ll also have small teams of Heritage and Arborists experts surveying the area.

How long will the utility investigation works go for?

For approximately a month – between Wednesday 30 September and late October.

How have you communicated the surveying works to the community?

Via emails to the Narre Warren North subscribers list, this website and Victoria's Big Build website. Sign up for email updates.

Why are you doing them now – aren’t we still under restrictions?

These works have been deemed essential works which means they can be completed during relaxed Stage 4 restrictions.

What COVID safe precautions are you taking?

The health and safety of our workers is our priority as we continue to deliver the Narre Warren North Road Upgrade, as is supporting physical distancing measures in line with current health advice. We have strict protocols in place to protect the safety of our construction workforce, including enhanced industrial cleaning arrangements, provision of personal protective equipment and measures to reduce staff contact, including staggered shifts.

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