We’ve added traffic lights at the O’Herns Road and High Street intersection. As part of the next stage of the project, we’ll build a new interchange at the Hume Freeway.


We’re upgrading O’Herns Road in two stages:

  • Stage 1: We've upgraded the O’Herns Road and High Street intersection with traffic lights.
  • Stage 2: We're duplicating O’Herns Road between Hume Freeway and Redding Rise, building three new intersections with traffic lights, developing a new interchange at the Hume Freeway and adding extra lanes on the freeway between O’Herns Road and Cooper Street.

In February 2019 we reached a major milestone at the O’Herns Road and High Street intersection, with completion of major construction.

As part of stage one of the upgrade, the roundabout has been converted to an intersection with traffic lights, slip lanes and right turn lanes. New on-road bike lanes have also been introduced to connect to nearby walking and cycling paths and increase rider safety.

We'll continue minor works such as landscaping at the intersection.

Construction on the next stage of the O’Herns Road Upgrade will begin in late 2019. VEC Civil Engineering has been awarded the contract to deliver this important stage of the project.

The upgrade will improve traffic flow and access to the Hume Freeway, providing safer and more reliable journeys for motorists in Melbourne’s north.

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 138.8 KB)

Construction started in February 2018

Improved safety

$102.8 million investment

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