We’ve added traffic lights at the O’Herns Road and High Street intersection. As part of the next stage of the project, we’ll build a new interchange at the Hume Freeway.

What we're doing

Major works have started to upgrade O’Herns Road and the Hume Freeway. We’ve made great progress in October, and have:

  • installed temporary traffic lights on the O’Herns Road bridge over the Hume Freeway
  • detoured part of the Galada Tamboore Pathway and installed detour signage
  • investigated the location of underground services
  • put measures in place to protect the environment during construction
  • installed safety barriers at the intersection of Quinlan and O’Herns Road
  • installed safety barriers and reduced speed limits to 40km/h on O’Herns Road
  • installed safety barriers and reduced speed limits to 80km/h on the Hume Freeway, near O’Herns Road

In November we’ll continue to build new lanes and intersections on O’Herns Road and the Hume Freeway, and widen the bridge over the freeway.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • building concrete supports for the shared use path bridge over Edgars Creek
  • installing drainage along O’Herns Road between Redding Rise and Cotters Road
  • trenching, rock breaking and excavation for the new intersection at Koukoura Drive
  • drilling and stabilising soil on O’Herns Road bridge
  • excavating and moving earth to build new access roads to the Hume Freeway
  • locating and safely excavating underground services, including electricity, gas, water, sewerage and telecommunications
  • extending Vearings Drain
  • trenching and boring works along the Hume Freeway to relocate services
  • preparing the ground at Gateway Boulevard for intersection works
  • excavating to widen O’Herns Road.

Staging the works

Works on Stage 2 involve the establishment of multiple worksites between Redding Rise and the Hume Freeway.

On O’Herns Road we’ll build three new traffic light intersections at Koukoura Drive, Edgars Road and Gateway Boulevard, install new drainage at Edgars Creek, Edgars Road and Koukoura Drive and relocate services.

We’ll then build new lanes on O’Herns Road between Redding Rise and the Hume Freeway, finish installing the traffic lights, complete drainage at Edgars Creek and Koukoura Drive, asphalting to connect Gateway Boulevard and upgrade the shared walking and cycling path. At the same time, we’ll also widen the bridge over the Hume Freeway and build new on and off-ramps to the freeway.

Thank you

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve traffic flow and road safety in Melbourne’s north.

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