We’ve added traffic lights at the O’Herns Road and High Street intersection. As part of the next stage of the project, we’ll build a new interchange at the Hume Freeway.

February 2019

Major works complete at the O’Herns Road and High Street intersection

We’ve reached a major milestone, with the completion of major construction at the O’Herns Road and High Street intersection.

As part of the first stage of the project, the roundabout has been converted to an intersection with traffic lights, slip lanes and right turn lanes.

The changes provide safer journeys, better traffic flow and less congestion across Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

New on-road bike lanes have also been introduced to connect to nearby walking and cycling paths to increase rider safety.

We’ll continue minor construction works and landscaping at the intersection throughout 2019.

For more information see the February 2019 community update:

Direct access to Hume Freeway

The second stage of the O’Herns Road Upgrade is anticipated to begin in 2019, subject to environmental approvals.

This will deliver improved access to the Hume Freeway and the surrounding northern suburbs, and will significantly reduce traffic lengths in the area.

For stage two, we will:

  • build a full diamond interchange at O’Herns Road to give you direct access to the Hume Freeway
  • build new intersections with traffic lights at Edgars Road, Gateway Boulevard and Koukoura Drive
  • widen O’Herns Road bridge over the Hume Freeway to help improve traffic flow to the new interchange and match the 4-lane section between Redding Rise and Epping Road
  • add one lane in each direction on O’Herns Road between the Hume Freeway and Redding Rise
  • add one new lane in each direction on the Hume Freeway between Cooper Street and O’Herns Road
  • connect the shared walking and cycling paths on O’Herns Road from Redding Rise to the Hume Freeway and continuing on-road bike lanes on O’Herns Road.

Helping the CFA

The Epping CFA is now able to respond to emergencies faster and more safely because of the new intersection with traffic lights at O’Herns Road and High Street.

The new set up gives the Epping CFA the ability to control lights at the intersection when required. This key safety upgrade will stop the CFA from getting stuck at traffic lights during an emergency response.

The CFA has access to a control box, giving them the ability to allow two trucks to be deployed at a time quickly and safely.

The Epping CFA responds to more than 500 incidents each year.

9 week closure recap

In September to November 2018 we closed O’Herns Road for 9 weeks between High Street and Miller Street.

Closing O’Herns Road allowed us to complete a large amount of work safely behind barriers to ensure the project could be completed as soon as possible.

Over the 9 week closure we:

  • laid over 3000 tonnes of asphalt
  • crushed over 2000 tonnes of rock
  • removed over 400 cubic meters of rock
  • worked over 17,820 hours.

Thank you

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve traffic flow and road safety in Melbourne’s north.

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