For Stage 1, we added traffic lights at the O’Herns Road and High Street intersection. For Stage 2, we’re building a new interchange at the Hume Freeway and adding extra lanes on the freeway and O’Herns Road.


We're continuing with major works on the O’Herns Road Upgrade, to improve traffic flow and access to the Hume Freeway. Once complete, the O’Herns Road Upgrade will provide safer and more reliable journeys for motorists in Melbourne’s north.

Over the last few months, we’ve made great progress with widening the O’Herns Road bridge. We’ve installed new bridge beams and started pouring concrete on the bridge’s southern span. To prepare for the concrete pour, we used a safe and environmentally friendly method known as water blasting. Two remote controlled robots blasted high-pressure, recycled water to remove 45 metres of the existing concrete surface.

What we're doing next

During August, we’ll continue:

  • installing precast concrete panels to build retaining walls for the new freeway entry and exit ramps
  • building up earth and installing drainage for the new freeway interchange
  • relocating underground gas services along O’Herns Road
  • piling to create supports for the overhead signage structures on the Hume Freeway
  • reinforcing steel and pouring concrete to create the O’Herns Road bridge surface
  • asphalting on O’Herns Road.

Health and safety

We’re doing our part to help reduce the risk of infection and slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Victorian community. We regard the health and safety of our workers as our key priority as we continue to deliver the O’Herns Road Upgrade. This is why we're supporting physical distancing measures in line with current health advice.

We have strict protocols in place to protect the safety of our construction workforce, including enhanced industrial cleaning arrangements, provision of personal protective equipment and measures to reduce shifts. For more information and advice about the outbreak of coronavirus, please visit the Victorian Government's Coronavirus website.


Watch the O'Herns Road bridge beam installation timelapse - June 2020

Staging the works

Works on Stage 2 involve the establishment of multiple worksites on O'Herns Road, between Redding Rise and the Hume Freeway.

We're building three new traffic light intersections at Koukoura Drive, Edgars Road and Gateway Boulevard, installing new drainage at Edgars Creek, Edgars Road and Koukoura Drive and relocating services.

We’re also building new lanes, installing the traffic lights and new drainage at Edgars Creek and Koukoura Drive, asphalting to connect Gateway Boulevard and upgrading the shared walking and cycling path. At the same time, we’re also widening the bridge over the Hume Freeway and building new on and off-ramps to the freeway.

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