We’re upgrading Plenty Road between McKimmies Road and Bridge Inn Road to help you get home safer and sooner.


We’re building the Plenty Road Upgrade in two stages:

  1. Stage 1 McKimmies Road to Bush Boulevard - completed mid-2019
  2. Stage 2 Bush Boulevard to Bridge Inn Road - due for completion in mid-2021.

The $178.6 million upgrade will help get you home safer and sooner.

Stage 1

Works started in March 2018 and were completed in mid-2019.

During Stage 1 of the upgrade, we:

  • added a new lane in each direction between McKimmies Road and Bush Boulevard
  • upgraded five intersections, including Childs Road and Centenary Drive
  • installed traffic lights at Rivergum and Mayfield Drives
  • widened the existing footpath and create a new shared walking and cycling path
  • built on-road cyclist lanes
  • installed 10,000 metres of safety barriers.

Stage 2

We’re adding a lane in each direction and upgrading 12 intersections between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road. Major works will be complete and all lanes will be open by August, with finishing works to continue until later this year.

We’ve started opening new lanes on Plenty Road as the project nears completion. Between now and August we’ll continue opening more lanes to increase capacity and relieve congestion.

While major works will be complete in mid-2021, we’ll continue to undertake finishing works along Plenty Road and around key intersections between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road through until the end of the year. These finishing works will include any remaining service relocations, some pavement and drainage works, barrier installation, lighting and landscaping.

Interactive map

Use our interactive map to get to know what is happening on Stage 2 of the Plenty Road Upgrade.

The map highlights what we're doing to fix the roads you use every day. Click on the icons to find out extra details and view our progress.

Plenty Rd interactive map

Construction for Stage 1 started in March 2018

Stage 1 major works completed mid-2019

Stage 2 major works underway

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