We’re upgrading Plenty Road between McKimmies Road and Bridge Inn Road to help you get home safer and sooner.


October 2021

All new lanes on Plenty Road are now open. We’ve added a lane in each direction and upgraded 12 intersections between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road.

We'll continue to undertake finishing works along Plenty Road and around key intersections between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road until mid-November.

These finishing works will include any remaining service relocations, some pavement and drainage works, traffic signal works, lighting and landscaping.

What we’re doing in October:

Between Bush Boulevard and The Lakes Boulevard we’ll:

  • finish building a left turn slip lane and footpath at McDonalds Road
  • continue finishing works at Gordons Road west
  • continue planting trees alongside Plenty Road and in the centre median.

Between The Lakes Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road we’ll:

  • continue planting trees alongside Plenty Road and in the centre median
  • finish the remaining works around the Bridge Inn Road intersection at Plenty Road, including relocating the gas main, installing fencing and building new bus stops.

Most of our works will take place between 7am and 6pmMonday to Friday and 7am to 5pmSaturdays. The timing of these works may change depending on weather and ground conditions.

To complete works quickly and reduce impact to traffic, we’re also undertaking some works at night.

What to expect

Traffic impacts

During October and November, we’ll complete the final layer of asphalt on Plenty Road, between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road. We’ll remove the top layer of asphalt first, then lay new asphalt to repair and re-seal the road.

From early October, we’ll work during the day for up to two weeks. From mid-October we’ll work at night between 7pm and 6am, Sunday to Friday for up to four weeks so we can minimise disruption to traffic during the day and ensure the safety of our workers.

WhereWhenTraffic changes
Stagecoach Boulevard to Riverdale Boulevard

Early October


  • Intermittent lane closures.
Bridge Inn Road intersection



  • Intermittent lane closures.
  • Temporary changes to access and movements at the intersection.

Riverdale Boulevard to Campania Lane

Late October


  • Intermittent lane closures.
  • Short-term closure of Tangelo Grove intersection. Detour via Riverdale Boulevard.
  • Short-term closure of Francesca Drive intersection. Detour via Campania Lane.
  • Short-term closure of Waterview Drive intersection. Detour via Campania Lane.
Gordons Road to McArthurs Road

Late October


  • Intermittent lane closures.
  • Short-term closure of The Lakes Boulevard intersection. Detour via McArthurs Road.
Bush Boulevard to The Lakes Boulevard

Early November


  • Intermittent lane closures
  • Temporary access changes at Gordons Road east.
  • Short-term closure of Stagecoach Boulevard intersection. Detour via Bellevue Boulevard.
  • Short-term closure of McDonalds Road intersection. Detour via Bush Boulevard.
  • Short-term closure of Gorge Road intersection. Detour via Riverside Drive and Stagecoach Boulevard.
Hawkestowe Parade to Waterview Drive

Early November


  • Intermittent lane closures.
  • Short-term closure of Riverdale Boulevard intersection. Detour via Hawkestowe Parade

Bridge Inn Road intersection upgrade

Thank you for your patience while we upgraded the Bridge Inn Road intersection from a roundabout to an intersection with traffic lights.

Crews worked 98 shifts over 49 days to get the Bridge Inn Road intersection open as quickly as possible while each side of the intersection was closed between 23 July and 31 August.

Check out our timelapse video below to see how we upgraded the intersection.

Temporary bus stop and pedestrian changes

We’ve temporarily closed some bus stops in the area so we can safely complete these works. There is signage in place to guide you to the nearest available bus stop.

Please refer to map below for more information.


View a larger version of the map (PDF, 220.4 KB).

Gordons Road closure

Gordons Road is closed at Plenty Road so we can finish works to upgrade the intersection, including relocating a gas and water main, installing traffic lights and building a new left turn slip lane. All civil works at the intersection will be complete by the end of October.

There is a detour in place via The Lakes Boulevard (please refer to the map below for more information).  Please observe the signs for detour information and speed reductions.

Map of Gordons Road closed at Plenty Road detour

Gordons Road closed at Plenty Road detour map. View a larger version of the map (PDF, 125.1 KB).

Stagecoach Boulevard intersection upgrade

The Stagecoach Boulevard intersection is now upgraded and open.

The works to upgrade the intersection involved:

  • installing temporary traffic barriers
  • digging and removing soil
  • concrete kerb and channelling works
  • asphalting and line marking.

Riverdale Boulevard intersection upgrade

The Riverdale Boulevard intersection is now open with all movements available after we relocated underground services and built a culvert under Plenty Road.

Francesca Drive intersection upgrade

In late 2020 we completed the first stage of the Francesca Drive intersection upgrade, which involved removing the roundabout and relocating some underground services.

Francesca Drive is now open to traffic. The traffic signals are expected to be connected by late October.

Temporary bus stop closures and pedestrian changes

McDonalds Road

We’re building a new slip lane from McDonalds Road onto Plenty Road and relocating water services under McDonalds and Plenty roads.

We’ve temporarily closed the eastbound bus stops on McDonalds Road at Danaher Drive and HomeCo while we complete these works. There is signage in place to guide you to alternative bus stops.

There will be some intermittent closures of the eastbound lanes on McDonalds Road and a northbound lane on Plenty Road until all finishing works at this intersection are completed at the end of October.

You can also refer to the map below.

Bus route 382 (Whittlesea)

  • Use the McDonalds Road/Plenty Road northbound bus stop located 150m north on Plenty Road, near HomeCo.

Bus route 901 (Frankston)

  • Use the Briar Court/Gorge Road eastbound bus stop bus stop located 300m east on Gorge Road, near Briar Court.
PRU2 McDonalds Road bus stop and ped changes FEB 2021

McDonalds Road map View a larger version of the map (PDF, 201.3 KB).

Francesca Drive

Changes to bus services for bus routes 382 and 387 and pedestrian access will remain in place until traffic signals are connected at Francesca Drive in late October. Please refer to below map for more information.


View a larger version of the map (PDF, 334.1 KB).

Pedestrian changes

There are changes to pedestrian paths and crossings at the intersection of Plenty Road and McDonalds Road. We’ll ensure that we keep one crossing open in each direction at all times. Please follow the signage in place to guide you to the nearest pedestrian crossing.

Construction impacts

Works are continuing safely on Stage 2 of the Plenty Road Upgrade with COVIDSafe plans in place to help protect workers and the community.

Strict processes are in place to check and record the vaccination status of workers entering construction sites.

For more information about coronavirus COVID-19, please visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au

You may notice some noise, dust, vibration and lighting while we work. We’ll do our best to keep these impacts to a minimum and monitor our activities so we can manage impacts and adjust our work as required.

Access to homes and businesses

We’ll maintain access to homes and businesses at all times.

Keeping you informed

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If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about these works or how they may affect you, you can call us on 1800 105 105 and select option 5.

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