We’re upgrading Plenty Road between McKimmies Road and Bridge Inn Road to make your journey quicker and safer.

June 2019 update

Works to upgrade Plenty Road are progressing well, with an extra lane in each direction between McKimmies Road and Bush Boulevard taking shape.

We’re also upgrading intersections and installing new traffic lights at Rivergum and Mayfield Drives and we're on track for completion mid-2019.

Walking and cycling

We’ve recently opened the shared walking and cycling path extending from McKimmies Road to Bush Boulevard. This new path will improve access to local jobs, schools, shops and parklands.

The path will be extended to Bridge Inn Road as part of the second stage of the Plenty Road Upgrade, which is set to start construction later this year.

Powerlines moved underground

Look up and you will notice a clearer view with more than 1.5km of overhead powerlines moved underground. To carry out these works we drilled under Plenty Road at Bush Boulevard to thread overhead cables underground. By working under the intersection instead of cutting open trenches we were able to keep roads open and minimise disruption to traffic.

Upcoming work

We will be laying the final layer of the new road surface and continuing to upgrade the McKimmies Road, Mayfield Drive, Childs Road, Rivergum Drive, Centenary Drive and Bush Boulevard intersections.

We’ve recently sprayed grass seeds along the project and you will soon see some patches of land turn green. We’ll also plant over 19,000 trees, shrubs and groundcover in the coming months. Species include Spotted Gum, Silky Oak, Grevillea, White Correa and Flax Lilies.

Local businesses are open

Businesses on Plenty Road remain open during our works and we are committed to supporting these traders where we can. We encourage you to shop local, support the local economy and help your local community thrive.

Earlier this year we launched a competition to support local businesses. We had over 1000 entries to the competition and four lucky shoppers each won a $250 prize pack which included vouchers from local stores.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition and shopped at the participating local businesses.

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