We’re upgrading Plenty Road between McKimmies Road and Bridge Inn Road to make your journey quicker and safer.

December 2018 update

In early 2019, we’ll start laying the road surface for the new lanes on Plenty Road.

You’ll notice lots of activity around each of the five intersections as we install and update the traffic lights.

There will be temporary changes to traffic mostly at night or in the middle of the day outside peak.

We’ll also relocate high voltage power lines underground and continue to install safety barriers.

Walking and cycling

We’re working hard to improve and widen the walking and cycling path between McKimmies Road and Bush Boulevard. You can now use the southern end of the improved path from McKimmies Road to Rivergum Drive.

We’ll continue to open it in stages as we complete our work over the coming months.

Traffic lights

During project planning you told us you’d like traffic lights on Plenty Road at the intersections of Mayfield and Rivergum Drives.

We’ll add these over the next few months. There’ll be some temporary changes to the road as we redesign the intersection at Rivergum Drive.

We’ll install a left-hand slip lane from Rivergum Drive onto Plenty Road and add new traffic and pedestrian crossing lights.

This will make it easier for you to turn left or cross safely on foot.

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