We’re upgrading Plenty Road between McKimmies Road and Bridge Inn Road to help you get home safer and sooner.

Stage 2 major works

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Major works on Stage 2 of the Plenty Road Upgrade are now complete and all new lanes on Plenty Road are open, with finishing works to continue along Plenty Road and around key intersections until late October 2021.

New lanes open

All new lanes on Plenty Road are now open.

As part of the upgrade we:

  • built 14km on new lanes on Plenty Road
  • placed over 60,000 tonnes of asphalt for the new lanes
  • relocated and protected over 12,000m of critical underground services including gas, power, water and telecommunications
  • used over 20,500 tonnes of recycled material to reduce waste
  • diverted over 30,000m3 of construction material away from landfill to help protect the environment
  • installed over 10,300 metres of safety guard rail to improve safety for drivers
  • built 1.3km of shared walking and cycling paths, improving connectivity for more sustainable modes of transport.

Finishing works

With major works now complete, we’ll continue to undertake finishing works along Plenty Road and around key intersections between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road through until late October.

Finishing works will include any remaining service relocations, some pavement and drainage works, barrier installation and landscaping.

During these works there may be some lane closures and speed restrictions in place, but we’ll keep you updated as they progress.

Working underground

Before we started building new lanes and upgrading intersections, we needed to identify any underground services such as water, power, gas and telecommunications that needed to be protected or relocated.

Many of these services run along the entire seven-kilometre section of Plenty Road between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road, and service thousands of homes and businesses across Melbourne’s north.

We’re moving them out of the way so we can avoid disrupting the services you rely on every day, while keeping traffic moving on Plenty Road. The protection and relocation of underground services beneath Plenty Road is a large and complex process that involves carefully moving and reconnecting 13,000 metres of wires, cables and pipes.

Service relocations are some of our most challenging work, as it relies upon third party asset owners who are responsible for managing and maintaining these services right across metropolitan Melbourne. Their availability is at times affected by storms, fire and flood, as is the case with the recent disaster in the Dandenong Ranges.

We’re working with APA, Ausnet, Yarra Valley Water and Telstra to ensure this work is completed with minimal impact to services and the public.

You may not always see these works happening, as much of it takes place underground or at night wherever possible to minimise impacts on traffic and ensure the safety of our workers and motorists.

Our finishing works will involve further service protection and relocations and will be finished by late October.

Walking and cycling

The shared walking and cycling path from McKimmies Road to Bush Boulevard is open, giving both cyclists and pedestrians the opportunity to travel on a dedicated wider path, away from road traffic.

For cyclists who like to ride at a faster pace, we’ve also built an on-road cycling lane in each direction. The shared path and on-road cycling lanes will be extended to Bridge Inn Road as part of the second stage of the Plenty Road Upgrade.

We’ll be opening more paths and lanes progressively from July.

Leaving a green print

We’ve completed landscaping on the first stage of the project with Spotted Gums, English Oak, English Elm, Yellow Box and Flax Lilies among the 19,000 new trees, plants and ground cover planted.

We’ve started preparing for landscaping works on Stage 2, including in the median and on the embankments between McDonalds Road and Riverdale Boulevard.

Landscaping will continue over the coming months and will consist of over 55,000 trees, shrubs and grasses, made up of native and indigenous species.

These plantings complement the character of Plenty Road and existing reserves, featuring a well-blended mix of native and non-indigenous plants.

Local businesses open

Businesses on Plenty Road will remain open during our works and we're committed to supporting these local traders. We encourage you to shop local to help your community and local economy thrive.

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