We’re upgrading Plenty Road between McKimmies Road and Bridge Inn Road to help you get home safer and sooner.

Stage 2 major works

For the latest updates on the project please visit the Construction page.

We’ve hit the ground running, with lots of activity underway as we continue major construction works.

So far we’ve:

  • built the new median and installed new traffic lights at McDonalds and Gorge roads
  • started building new lanes and intersections between Francesca Drive/Tangelo Grove and Bridge Inn Road
  • started building the new median at the intersection of McArthurs Road and Hawkstowe Parade
  • demolished the roundabout at Bridge Inn Road and started early works to prepare for the new signalised intersection
  • established a temporary site compound next to Mernda Station
  • started building the new southbound lane between McDonalds Road and Highview Drive.

Stage 2 of the Plenty Road Upgrade between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road is being delivered by our construction partner Decmil, who also completed Stage 1.

This upgrade is a vital next step for this important road corridor. When completed it'll make the journey from Mernda to Mill Park safer and quicker for the 35,000 people who rely on it every day.

Walking and cycling

The shared walking and cycling path from McKimmies Road to Bush Boulevard is open, giving both cyclists and pedestrians the opportunity to travel on a dedicated wider path, away from road traffic.

For cyclists who like to ride at a faster pace, we’ve also built an on-road cycling lane in each direction. The shared path and on-road cycling lanes will be extended to Bridge Inn Road as part of the second stage of the Plenty Road Upgrade.

Leaving a green print

We’ve completed landscaping on the first stage of the project with Spotted Gums, English Oak, English Elm, Yellow Box and Flax Lilies among the 19,000 new trees, plants and groundcover planted.

These plantings tie in with the character of Plenty Road and existing reserves, featuring a well-blended mix of native and non-indigenous plants.

Local businesses open

Businesses on Plenty Road will remain open during our works and we're committed to supporting these local traders. We encourage you to shop local to help your community and economy thrive.

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