We’re upgrading Plenty Road between McKimmies Road and Bridge Inn Road to help you get home safer and sooner.

Intersection upgrade

From early September 2020, we’ll begin upgrading the intersection at Tangelo Grove and Francesca Drive.

This page will keep you up to date on the new design and how we’ll build it.

Intersection design

The upgraded intersection will result in a permanent access change for residents on Mintbush Grange. To ensure your safety, you’ll no longer be able to turn left into Mintbush Grange from Tangelo Grove. There’ll be no permanent access changes at Riberry Crescent.

Tangelo Grove and Francesca Drive intersection design


View a larger version of the map (PDF, 100.0 KB).

Permanent access change to Mintbush Grange


View a larger version of the map (PDF, 102.9 KB).


View our Q&As to help answer further questions you may have about the new design.


What are you doing at the Tangelo Grove and Francesca Drive intersection?

As part of the Plenty Road Stage 2 Upgrade we’re upgrading 12 intersections, including transforming the Tangelo Grove/Francesca Drive roundabout into traffic lights.

We’re also adding a lane in each direction along Plenty Road. We will:

  • widen Plenty Road from 4 to 6 lanes between Bush Boulevard and Riverdale Boulevard
  • widen Plenty Road from 2 to 4 lanes between Riverdale Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road.

What will the new intersection look like?

You can see an image of the new design on this page. The new intersection with traffic lights will include:

  • two lanes in each direction on Plenty Road
  • dedicated left and right turns into Tangelo Grove and Francesca Drive
  • two safe signalised pedestrian crossings.

Will the upgrade impact Riberry Cresent and Mintbush Grange?

The new intersection will involve a permanent access change for residents on Mintbush Grange. From mid-October onwards, the way you enter Mintbush Grange from Tangelo Grove will change.

There will be no access changes for residents on Riberry Crescent.

What are the changes and how will they impact me?

You’ll no longer be able to turn left into Mintbush Grange from Tangelo Grove when you exit Plenty Road. That access point will become a left-turn-out only onto Tangelo Grove.

To enter Mintbush Grange from Plenty Road, you’ll need to continue east along Tangelo Grove until you reach the other side of Mintbush Grange. You can see a map of this change and your new route on this page.

Why do you need to change our access?

When we widen Plenty Road and build the new intersection with traffic lights, we’ll also add a dedicated left turn lane from Plenty Road onto Tangelo Grove. This means we’ll reduce the distance between Plenty Road and Mintbush Grange, so for your safety, you’ll no longer be able to turn left in from Tangelo Grove. This change will also ensure the safe movement of waste removal services around the area.

Does the local council support this change?

We’ve consulted with the City of Whittlesea Council and other relevant stakeholders to design the safest and most effective access for this local road. This change was determined to be the best solution to comply with the relevant road safety design guidelines.

We have received all necessary approvals and permits to undertake this work.

Will there be changes for pedestrians and cyclists?

We’re building a new shared walking and cycling path on the western side of Plenty Road. When the new intersection is built, cyclists and pedestrians will have safe and convenient signalised crossings.

Pedestrian access will be maintained while we build the intersection by using signed temporary paths.

Will the bus stops at Tangelo Grove and Francesca Drive be reinstated when you finish building the intersection?

Yes. The bus stops on Plenty Road at Francesca Drive and Tangelo Grove will be reinstated.  There’ll be temporary changes to bus stops and routes while we build the intersection. More information is available on this page.

Have emergency services been notified?

We’ve communicated the change to local emergency services and will continue to actively engage with them during construction to ensure they are up to date with the latest information from the project.

When will these works happen?

Works on the intersection upgrade are starting in September 2020 and are expected to be complete in early-2021. Tangelo Grove will be closed at Plenty Road, Riberry Crescent and Mintbush Grange from mid-September until mid-October.

What are the traffic and construction impacts during works?

There’ll be significant changed traffic conditions and detours while we build the new intersection. You can find more details on this page.

At times our work will be noisy and may generate dust and vibration. Dust and vibration monitoring are carried out daily by our environmental management team and will apply controls where required.

What’s happening to the trees at the intersection?

We’ll need to remove two more trees close to the side of the road to reduce the risk of serious accidents. There’ll be new plantings at this intersection and along Plenty Road when the works are complete.

We share the value the community places on the environment, and we’re working hard to minimise tree removal where we can during the construction. If you have any questions or would like more information on how we manage the environment, please see our Flora and Fauna Fact sheet. (PDF, 700.7 KB).

Construction update

From early September 2020 until early 2021, we’ll upgrade the intersection at Tangelo Grove/Francesca Drive and Plenty Road from a roundabout to a new intersection with traffic lights.

We’ll start by demolishing the Tangelo Grove/Francesca Drive roundabout and surrounding traffic islands and complete temporary pavement works.

From mid-September to mid-October, we’ll upgrade the Tangelo Grove intersection and from mid-October to early 2021, we’ll upgrade the Francesca Drive intersection.

During this time, works will include:

  • Line marking
  • Digging and removing soil
  • Stormwater drainage works
  • Concrete kerb and channelling works
  • Asphalting
  • Relocating services
  • Installing street lighting and traffic signals.

Some trees will need to be removed in the coming weeks to enable us to build the new lanes and shared walking and cycling path.

We share the value the community places on the environment, and we’re working hard to minimise tree removal where we can during construction. If you would like more information on how we manage the environment, please visit our Environment page.

Noise management

We’ll monitor noise levels during the works to ensure construction levels are kept to a minimum.
If you have concerns about noise due to construction, please contact us to find out how we can help you.

Dust and vibration

We’ll monitor dust and vibration levels daily and apply controls where required. We have measures in place at our worksites to reduce dust, including a water truck that wets the ground to stop dirt blowing away from our sites.

Keeping you informed

The Plenty Road Upgrade has been identified as a critical state infrastructure project under Stage 4 restrictions. This means work can continue with strict health and safety measures in place and a reduced work force.

However, due to Stage 4 restrictions, we’re required to temporarily stop hand-delivering our works notifications and updates. We’ll be using our email subscription service more frequently and we encourage you to check our website regularly.

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Access changes and detours

At this time, all Victorians are being encouraged to stay home and save lives. If you need to leave the house for any of the reasons allowed, please observe the signs for information about lane closures, detours and speed reductions as follows.

From early September to early 2021, there’ll be changes to the way you move around the area. Please follow detour signage and keep an eye out for traffic controllers.

Early to mid September

  • No right turns or U-turns at the Tangelo Grove/Francesca Drive roundabout between 7am and 6pm each day (U-turns will be available at Campania Lane and McArthurs Road)
  • Short-term lane closures.

Mid-September to mid-October

  • Tangelo Grove closed at Plenty Road
  • Riberry Crescent and Mintbush Drive closed at Tangelo Grove. Detours available via Riverdale Boulevard
  • Francesca Drive will remain open.

Mid-October to early 2021

  • Francesca Drive closed at Plenty Road (there’ll be local detours in place)
  • Tangelo Grove, Riberry Crescent and Mintbush Grange reopen
  • No entry to Pipers Lane from Plenty Road, but the exit will remain open (there’ll be local detours in place)
  • Bus stop changes for routes 382 and 387 in the area. We’ll keep you updated on these changes in the coming weeks.

Detour maps

Tangelo Grove closure detour map


View a larger version of the map (PDF, 92.2 KB).

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