We’re improving connections in Dandenong South to make it quicker, easier and safer to get to where you need to be.

What's happening

We’ve undertaken detailed planning to determine the project scope and preliminary design.

In recent months, we’ve been undertaking investigations to locate underground utility services and better understand road and ground conditions. These investigations will continue in the coming months and inform the final design. There will be lane closures and minor delays while we undertake investigations so please allow extra time.

Early works

From September we will commence early works along Remington Drive so we can start major construction on the new lanes and new bridge over the Cranbourne rail line in November.

Along Remington Drive we’ll:

  • start removing informal parking along both sides of Remington Drive
  • install temporary barriers and “no standing” signs
  • reduce the speed limit to 40km/hr for the duration of construction
  • install fencing around vegetation which has been identified to be retained
  • install construction fencing and signage around work areas
  • temporarily widen some driveways to accommodate b-double and semitrailer access to businesses.

We’ll also continue with service locating works on Remington Drive and Pound Road West.

From October we’ll remove trees along Remington Drive and adjacent to the rail line to make way for the new lanes and safety barriers.

If you’re driving, walking or cycling near any of our work sites, please take notice of road signage and follow traffic controllers’ instructions.


View a larger version of the map (PDF, 232.6 KB).

Working hours

Most works will happen from Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm, and on Saturdays between 7am and 1pm. Sometimes we may need to work at night or on weekends, when there’s less traffic on the roads.

If nightworks are required, we’ll provide advance notice to residents and businesses who may be affected.

Major construction

You’ll see more construction activity from September when we start early works and utilities relocation on Pound Road West and Remington Drive. To ensure work can be carried out safely, temporary speed limits and lane closures will be in place, as required.

Major works at Pound Road West and Remington Drive are due to start at the end of 2021.

Major road and bridge strengthening works are due to commence at Frankston- Dandenong Road bridge in early-2022.

Parking and property access


On-street parking on Pound Road West and Remington Drive will be removed as part of the upgrade to allow space for the new lanes. On-street parking will still be available in Hydrive Close, Ventura Place and Pelson Court. Off-street parking for local businesses will remain unchanged.

Access changes

To improve safety you will only be able to turn right at the upgraded intersections at Ventura Place and Hydrive Close. U-turns will only be possible for light vehicles at one of the three new dedicated U-turn bays. Heavy vehicles will need to detour via Abbotts Road and South Gippsland Highway to reach their destination.

These changes are designed to:

  • avoid cars crossing multiple lanes of traffic
  • reduce traffic queues behind turning vehicles
  • minimise risk of side impact collisions.

New connections

New bridge over the Cranbourne rail line

We’re building a new bridge over the Cranbourne rail line to connect Pound Road West and Remington Drive.

This will provide a new connection between the Dandenong South employment hub and the freeway network, improving access in and around the area and reducing growing traffic pressure on the South Gippsland Highway and Abbotts Road.

By 2031, we expect over 40,000 vehicles a day to use this new connection.

The bridge will feed into two lanes each way, bordered by new shared walking and cycling paths. Traffic lights will be installed at Hydrive Close and Ventura Place to improve safety for all road users, and intersections will be upgraded at Abbotts Road and the South Gippsland Highway.

Pound Road West Upgrade map

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 241.4 KB).

Contract awarded

In May 2021, Seymour Whyte Constructions were awarded the contract to deliver the Pound Road West Upgrade, including the Frankston-Dandenong Road Bridge Upgrade.

Along with Seymour Whyte we will be focused on creating opportunities for local businesses and jobseekers throughout construction, as part of the Government’s COVID-19 response. If you’re a local business looking to contribute to this project, please email contact@roadprojects.vic.gov.au.


Pound Road West video transcript (DOCX, 13.3 KB).

See an overview of the works for the Pound Road West Upgrade


For more information about the Pound Road West Upgrade, please call 1800 105 105 or email contact@roadprojects.vic.gov.au

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