We’ve added extra lanes and built new intersections along the Princes Highway between Winchelsea and Colac to make your journey quicker and safer.


As part of the upgrade between Armytage Road and Warncoort we've:

  • added 15km of new lanes
  • built two new bridges over the Geelong-Warrnambool train line
  • built new intersections at:
    • Conns Lane,
    • Prices Lane,
    • Birregurra Road,
    • Hallets Lane,
    • Mooleric Road,
    • McDonnells Lane,
    • Ayreys Reserve Road, and
    • Warncoort-Birregurra Road.
  • installed designated left and right turn lanes off the highway
  • installed safety barriers on the edge and centre of the road
  • upgraded drainage.

We completed this section in April 2019.

Level crossing removed

In 2019, we opened two new bridges over the Geelong-Warrnambool Railway Line at Warncoort. We removed a dangerous level crossing and have provided a safer trip for the 8000 drivers who travel between Winchelsea and Colac each day.

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