We’re upgrading intersections along South Road between Nepean Highway and Warrigal Road to reduce congestion and improve travel times.

Project designs

The project’s designs have now been finalised. With input from the community (PDF, 4.9 MB) and stakeholders including councils and the Department of Transport, we’ve made two key changes to our designs since we shared the draft designs in March.

  • We’re no longer removing the two left slip lanes from the Nepean Highway to South Road westbound as originally planned. This will help to maintain traffic flow on South Road.
  • We’ve made a small change to the location of the pedestrian crossing across South Road at Taylor Street, moving the whole crossing further east. This will provide more space for vehicles to queue on the eastbound lanes before the Jasper Road intersection. It will also allow drivers turning right from Jasper Road onto South Road to see pedestrians using the crossing sooner.

Interactive map

You can also check out the project designs on our interactive map. Click the icons to read more about the changes we’re making as part of the South Road Upgrade.

South Road Upgrade interactive map

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