We’re upgrading intersections along South Road between Nepean Highway and Warrigal Road to reduce congestion and improve travel times.

Upcoming night works

In November 2020 we undertook some early investigative works. We now need to undertake some additional works which will help to inform the new road design.

What we’ll do and when

From 27 January to 16 February 2021, weather permitting, we’ll be digging a series of holes on and around South Road to identify the exact location and depth of existing underground utilities. This allows us to improve our design and reduce the time and disruption required during construction.

We’ll work from 7pm to 5am in five locations:

  • Two nights - South Road between Barr Street and Barry Street (near Nepean Highway)
  • One night - South Road between Taylor Street and Jasper Road
  • Two nights - South Road between Clay Street and Holmesglen Private Hospital (near Tucker Road)
  • Three nights - South Road between Fletcher and Rowland streets (near East Boundary Road)
  • One night - South Road between Brady Road and Yarra Links Way (near Bignell Road).
What you can expect

At each of the five locations, we’ll use high-pressure water to dig holes to locate the underground utilities. Each hole will take 1 to 2 hours to dig. Some holes will require asphalt cutting and jackhammering which will be noisy for up to 10 minutes at the start, and 5 minutes at the end.

We’ll do our best to keep noise to a minimum by using quieter machinery and where possible scheduling the noisier works earlier in the evening.

While we work, we’ll need to close lanes and reduce the speed limit.

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