We’re upgrading major intersections on Hoddle Street and Punt Road to improve traffic flow.

Olympic Boulevard

Olympic Boulevard and access to local stadiums has reopened to all traffic following a planned closure from 7 to12 February.

We’ll now continue to prepare the road for 2 new turning lanes from Punt Road to Olympic Boulevard.

Right turn changes

On 30 January 2019, we changed two right turns at the intersection of Punt Road and Swan Street:

  • We permanently removed right turns from Olympic Boulevard to Punt Road.
  • We temporarily banned right turns from Punt Road to Swan Street.

Once the new intersection is complete, you’ll be able to turn right from Punt Road to Swan Street using a p-turn.

These changes are part of the final design and will help improve traffic flow on Punt Road and Hoddle Street.

To access:

  • Cremorne - drive straight from Olympic Boulevard to Swan Street
  • St Kilda and South Yarra - use Alexandra Avenue
  • suburbs east of Richmond - turn right onto Bridge Road and back to Swan Street as needed
  • Swan Street between Punt Road and Stewart Street - drive straight ahead and u-turn at Rowena Parade.

There'll be permanent and temporary road signs in place to guide you.

Please plan ahead and allow extra travel time as works continue.

Permanent right turn removal - Olympic Boulevard to Punt Road

Right turn removal map Olympic Boullevard to Punt Road

Temporary right turn ban at Punt Road and Swan Street - detour map

Temporary right turn ban Punt Rd and Swan Street

Changed traffic conditions

We’ve also made some permanent and temporary changes to how you move through the Punt Road and Swan Street intersection.


  • permanently changed Olympic Boulevard towards the city into one through lane and one u-turn lane closest to Punt Road
    • the u-turn lane on Olympic Boulevard towards the city is temporarily closed
  • permanently removed one through lane on Olympic Boulevard towards Swan Street
  • permanently opened two left turn lanes from Olympic Boulevard onto Punt Road.

We’ll continue to temporarily close lanes as needed while we work.

Walking and cycling changes

On 30 January, we closed the pedestrian crossing on Punt Road near the rail bridge. To get from Olympic Boulevard to Swan Street, you can now use the new raised footpath under the rail bridge, cross at Brunton Avenue, then back to Swan Street on the existing footpath or via Stewart Street.

Olympic Boulevard to Swan Street pedestrian crossing

Olympic Boulevard to Swan Street pedestrian crossing

Thank you for your patience while we carry out these important works.

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1800 105 105 (option 5) for more information.
You can also visit us every Wednesday from 11am to 2pm at the Community Hub, 2 Swan Street, Cremorne.

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