We’ve completed upgrades to major intersections to improve traffic flow on Hoddle Street and Punt Road.


At the Johnston Street and Hoddle Street intersection, we’ve:

  • added two new p-turn intersections on Hoddle Street along with new pedestrian crossing points
  • upgraded cycling paths at Truro Street
  • built wider footpaths and created shorter crossing distances on Hoddle Street
  • built a new open space bus stop precinct at the north-west corner of the intersection
  • added new and extended clearways for the Doncaster Area Rapid Transit (DART) and bus Route 246 services from the Eastern Freeway to the Yarra River.

At the Eastern Freeway and Hoddle Street intersection, we’ve:

  • added a third traffic lane onto the Eastern Freeway heading east
  • added a dedicated bus lane off the Eastern Freeway, so the DART service will only have to stop for pedestrians
  • added sections of dedicated bus lanes for the DART and bus Route 246 services from the Eastern Freeway to Victoria Parade
  • built new shared walking and cycling paths on both sides of Hoddle Street.

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 299.2 KB)


We’ve changed the way you turn right at major intersections on Hoddle Street.

The first intersection changed was Johnston and Hoddle Streets.

At this intersection, you now do a p-turn to go right.

To go right from Hoddle Street onto Johnston Street at all times:

  • travel through the intersection
  • do a u-turn
  • and turn left.

To go right from Johnston Street onto Hoddle during peak times:

  • turn left
  • do a u-turn
  • and travel through the intersection.

Construction contractor

Seymour Whyte is the construction contractor delivering the first stage of the Streamlining Hoddle Street project.

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