We’re upgrading major intersections on Hoddle Street and Punt Road to improve traffic flow.


In October 2018, we started major work on Punt Road at:

  • Swan Street
  • Olympic Boulevard
  • Brunton Avenue

As part of these works we’re building Victoria’s first Continuous Flow Intersection at Punt Road and Swan Street.

Swan Street before and after

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Swan slider image

Brunton Avenue before and after

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Brunton slider image

We’ll also:

  • build new bike connections on Swan Street and Olympic Boulevard
  • add new, accessible bus stops on Punt Road
  • add an accessible tram stop on Swan Street
  • build a new walking and cycling path in Gosch’s Paddock
  • build a new walking path under the Richmond rail bridge
  • We will finish these works by late 2019.

Punt Road and Swan Street intersection map

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Continuous flow

More than 330,000 people travel along and across Hoddle Street and Punt Road every day. To ease congestion on this busy major road, we’ll build a new intersection at Swan Street.

The new, continuous flow intersection will improve your travel times on Punt Road.

Up to 45% of time spent at the intersection is dedicated to right turning and some through traffic. But we can make this intersection work better.

To help this, we’ll move right turns away from the intersection to reduce the delays caused by right turns.

And if you walk or ride in the area, you’ll enjoy safer and more accessible walking and cycling paths.

Video demonstrating the continuous flow intersection

Temporary road closures

To build the new accessible tram stop, we'll temporarily close parts of Swan Street in 2019.

This closure will reduce safety risks for our staff working next to moving traffic.

It will also help us to:

  • finish works quickly
  • change major turning movements
  • change how trams move in the intersection
  • complete major excavation work
  • build the new tram platforms.

After the closure, the tram stop will be ready to use and the new intersection will be almost complete.

Changes to travel

At times, we’ll need to change the way you travel to your home, work or event.

We’ll coordinate with event operators, local council and other transport agencies. And we’ll give you as much notice as possible.

To build the new intersection, we'll need to:

  • set speed limits
  • remove turning movements
  • close lanes, mostly at night
  • close roads for a short time.

We may also need to make changes to pedestrian and cyclist paths, tram and bus stops.

To keep you and our crew safe, we’ll:

  • have traffic controllers in place
  • put road signs in place to guide you
  • have detours clearly marked.

Weather conditions may affect our progress and access during works may vary. We'll let you know if there are any changes.

Buses, trains and trams

As part of works, we’ll make changes to the way you travel on public transport.

In late 2018 we:

  • permanently removed the eastbound tram Stop 7E on Olympic Boulevard
  • temporarily moved the northbound Punt Road bus stop outside Gosch’s Paddock to Richmond Oval.
  • temporarily moved the southbound bus stop at the corner of Punt Road and Swan Street to outside 381 Punt Road (near the Shell services station)

Later in the project, we’ll also:

  • permanently remove up to two additional tram stops.

Tram passengers wishing to use Stop 7E will be able to use the next tram stop either on Olympic Boulevard or across Punt Road on Swan Street. This is either 100 to 150m away from the old stop.

Car parking and clearways

In April 2017, we added and extended clearway times along Punt Road and Hoddle Street.

As part of this project, we’ll also introduce 24/7 clearways along Swan Street, between Stewart Street and Punt Road. We’ll let you know the exact date for this in the coming months.

As part of these works, we'll need to change parking outside Richmond Station from angle to parallel.

We’ll need to close the Care Park located at 13-15 Swan Street for up to three weeks during the works. And we’ll give you plenty of notice about when this will take place.

Construction contractor

Our construction contractor Fulton Hogan will deliver the next stage of the Streamlining Hoddle Street project.

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