We’re delivering road upgrades under a new program that will deliver wide-ranging benefits to the community and economy.


The $2.2 billion Suburban Roads Upgrade will be delivered through a Program Approach, modelled on the successful Level Crossing Removal Project.

This approach will deliver benefits for both local communities and the construction industry. We’re pre-qualifying companies based on their capability and previous experience – with work awarded based on performance, capacity and value-for-money. This will support more large, medium and small companies to participate in these projects, creating more jobs and capacity in the construction sector.

The 12 priority projects will have many benefits for communities and motorists by:

  • Improving safety and reducing travel times
  • Creating and improving access to jobs
  • Giving people better access to growing residential suburbs
  • Giving local businesses opportunities for growth by improving priority truck routes
  • Improving connections and safety for cyclists and pedestrians with more than 70kms of walking and cycling paths.

The Suburban Roads Upgrade will be delivered by 2025.

Interactive map

Use our interactive map to view the priority projects in the north and southeast to be delivered in the first instance under this program. Click on the icons to find out more information about each project.

Interactive map

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