Upgrading 22 priority roads in Melbourne’s outer west, north and south-eastern suburbs to help you get home safer and sooner.


The Victorian Government has invested $1.8 billion for a comprehensive program of road upgrades and maintenance in the west, to cater for Melbourne’s rapid growth.

The Western Roads Upgrade will transform eight priority roads in Melbourne’s western suburbs, including:

The upgrade also includes improvements and maintenance for more than 260km of road between Footscray and Werribee for the next 20 years.

These works are being delivered as a long-term contract between the Victorian Government and project consortium Netflow. We have contracted the consortium to finance the project and deliver the design and construction.

Managing the environment

To complete these upgrades, some trees will need to be removed to make space to build new lanes and shared cycling and walking paths.

We understand the importance and share the value the local community places on the environment and are working hard to minimise tree removal where we can. With all major projects, we balance the need to remove vegetation and the impact to the environment, with the need to improve road safety and journey reliability.

Find out more about how we are managing the environment PDF, 7.9 MB.

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