The level crossing near Merinda Park Station has gone and we’ve added extra lanes and traffic lights on Thompsons Road to improve safety and travel times.


Frankston-Dandenong Road roundabout upgrade works

While we put the finishing touches on the duplication of Thompsons Road, works have now started at Frankston-Dandenong Road and Thompsons Road to upgrade the roundabout to traffic lights.

From November 2019 until further notice, we’ll reduce the roundabout from three to two lanes in all directions.

Long delays are expected at this major intersection. If possible, please seek alternative routes, especially during peak periods.

Last piece of the puzzle  

More than 58,000 vehicles travel through the Frankston-Dandenong Road roundabout at Thompsons Road every day, making it an extremely busy freight and transport link in the east-west corridor of Melbourne’s south-east.

Originally funded to be delivered as part of the Suburban Roads Upgrade package, construction of this roundabout has been brought forward to allow for delivery of this upgrade up to three years earlier than planned.

That means heavy congestion at this roundabout will soon be a thing of the past. We’ve now started work to transform it to a fully-signalised intersection that will improve traffic flow and ease congestion, linking it to the recently completed new lanes on Thompsons Road.

By the time the project is finished later in 2020, there will be three lanes travelling through the intersection and two right turn lanes at all approaches, providing a more reliable and smoother journey for vehicles travelling through the intersection.

We’re also building dedicated left turn slip lanes on each approach to the intersection, so vehicles can turn left without affecting the flow of the through traffic.

All of this will mean that more vehicles can get through the intersection on each light sequence.

The new traffic lights will use detectors to sense traffic flow at different times of day. Green light time can then be allocated where the need is greatest.

Frankston Dandenong Rd proposed intersectionView a larger version of the map (JPG, 368.6 KB)

We'll work at the intersection until late next year with major disruptions expected.

Please look out for signage to guide you through and around our works zone. We encourage you to plan your trip ahead and, if possible, find alternate routes to avoid this area.

We’re working hard to finish works as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding and patience during this important upgrade.

Final works on the new Thompsons Road

While we celebrated the end of major construction works on Thompsons Road last June, we’ll continued to close lanes at times for final works.

Over the last two months we’ve worked at night to lay the final road surface and mark lines on the new road. The type of surface we’re using can only be laid in warmer weather, when the road surface reaches a consistent +15 degrees celcius.

Due to recent cooler weather, we've been unable to get all the work completed so we’ll need to work during the day and occasionally at night in January and February 2020.

At times, we'll reduce the lanes on Thompsons Road to allow space for our construction partners to work safely. We'll also have signs and traffic controllers in place to guide you.

Lane closures in January and February

We’ll work during the day and sometimes at night in January and February 2020 on Thompsons Road, between South Gippsland Highway and Marriot Boulevard.

We'll reduce sections of Thompsons Road to one lane in each direction at times:

  • from Monday 13 January until late January - during the day between 6am and 6pm
  • from late January to early February - overnight between 7pm to 6am, with some day work possible depending on weather conditions.

Evans Road and Lesdon Avenue closures

At times we’ll need to close Evans Road and Lesdon Avenue at the intersection of Thompsons Road and put a detour in place. Please look for signs to guide you through and around our work zone.

Weather or unforeseen circumstances may continue to affect our progress. View the latest disruptions on Victoria’s Big Build.

Detour maps

Detour for Evans Rd closure

Detour map for Evans Road/Thompsons Road closure.
View a larger version of the map (JPG, 177.0 KB)

Detour for Lesdon Ave closure

Detour map for Lesdon Avenue/Thompsons Road closure.
View a larger version of the map (JPG, 212.4 KB)

Walking and cycling

While we've completed most of the 10km of new shared walking and cycling paths, a few small sections still need finishing touches. We've got a little more work to do on the path over the Thompsons Road rail bridge and the path between Frankston-Dandenong Road and McCormicks Road.

We apologise for the delay and will let you know as soon as they are ready for public use.

As part of this upgrade, we’ve:

  • duplicated Thompsons Road between Frankston-Dandenong Road and Berwick-Cranbourne Road, with at least two traffic lanes in each direction
  • replaced the roundabouts at Western Port Highway, McCormicks Road, and Evans Road with traffic lights
  • built new road and new traffic lights at Merinda Park Boulevard.

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 173.1 KB)

10.7kms of new lanes

New walking and cycling paths

New bridges over train line and level crossing removed

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