The level crossing near Merinda Park Station has gone and we’ve added extra lanes and traffic lights on Thompsons Road to improve safety and travel times.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed the most commonly asked questions about the Thompsons Road and Frankston-Dandenong Road intersection closure. If your question isn’t here, contact us on 1800 105 105.

What is happening?

We’re closing the intersection of Frankston-Dandenong Road and Thompsons Road for five weeks from 7pm on Friday 5 June while we remove the roundabout and upgrade the intersection. The new intersection will open before 5am on Monday 13 July.

How are you changing the intersection?

The intersection upgrade includes:

  • widening the intersection and adding two dedicated right-turn lanes and three through lanes on all approaches
  • building a dedicated left-turn slip lane on each approach to the intersection so vehicles can turn left without affecting the flow of the through traffic
  • removing the existing roundabout and installing traffic lights.

Where are you closing the intersection?

We’ll close Frankston-Dandenong Road between Wedge Road and just south of the Bunurong Memorial Park entrance, while Thompsons Road will be closed between EastLink and McCormicks Road.

Will detours be in place?

While the intersection is closed, we’ll have detours in place to help road users move through the area, and there will be long delays. Plan ahead and avoid travelling in the area if possible, particularly during peak periods.

We’ll have signs on the road providing real-time travel information for the signed detour routes, to help road users choose the best route for their needs.

We’ll also closely monitor traffic on the road network and adjust traffic lights as needed to help traffic flow through the area.

What is the benefit of closing the intersection?

Closing the intersection is the safest and fastest way for crews to get the work done, while sparing drivers from months of inconvenience and ongoing road and lane closures.

Why didn’t you close the intersection earlier?

Before we could start these works, the utility companies needed to complete essential works to protect or relocate services which run through the works zone. These works have only recently been finished.

Will you be working at night?

We’ll be working 24 hours per day, seven days per week. To minimise the impact to nearby residents, we’ll schedule noisier works during the daytime where possible. However, we do expect adjacent residents to experience some noise at night.

Will the upgrade be finished once the intersection reopens?

On 13 July, we’ll have three through lanes and two dedicated right turn lanes on each approach, and left turn slip lanes will be open on all but one approach.

Once the intersection is reopened, our crews will need to complete works to build the left turn slip lane in the south-east section of the intersection. NBN services will need to be relocated before these works can be completed. Vehicles wanting to turn left from Frankston-Dandenong Road onto Thompson Road towards EastLink will need to use the left slow lane.

Why not upgrade the roundabout to an overpass?

Installing traffic lights is the fastest and most cost-effective way of reducing congestion, improving traffic flow and supporting the predicted growth in traffic at this intersection for at least the next 10 years.

Why will it take 5 weeks to complete the intersection upgrade under closure?

There’s quite a bit involved in upgrading the intersection. We’re essentially doing in five weeks what would otherwise have taken us five months to complete. While the intersection is closed, we’ll:

  • Remove all the traffic barriers
  • Dig up the existing road
  • Remove kerbs and remove the roundabout
  • Widen the existing road to make way for the extra lanes
  • Level the entire intersection
  • Install all the underground infrastructure for the traffic lights and street lighting
  • Lay the new asphalt, kerbs and medians
  • Install street lighting and traffic lights above the ground
  • Mark new lines on the road.

Our schedule also includes some extra time in case we experience bad weather to ensure that we’re able to open the new intersection by 13 July.

My property is within the works zone: how do I access it?

If your home or business is within the work zone, we’ll provide you with Local Access Permits. Only vehicles displaying a Local Access Permit will be able to access those properties.

Can I order additional Local Access Permits?

If you need additional Local Access Permits, please call us on 1800 105 105. You’ll need to provide your address and the number of permits you need, and a member of the project team will deliver them to you before 5 June.

Why is EastLink not a designated detour route?

EastLink is a viable option for some road users who are navigating around the intersection closure. However, as it is a toll road, we cannot direct road users to use EastLink as part of the signed detour route for these works.

Why haven’t tolls on EastLink been waived or reduced for the duration of the closure?

EastLink is not one of our designated detour routes, and there are several other options that road users can choose from when travelling through the area.

What are you doing to support businesses impacted by this closure?

For most businesses, the only impact will be delays for staff, customers and deliveries reaching their premises. Ensuring businesses are aware of the delays ahead of the closure and are able to plan appropriately has been a key priority.

We’re working directly with businesses closest to the works impacted by temporary access changes.

If you believe your business will be impacted by the closure, please contact us on 1800 105 105.

Why has this project taken so long to deliver? Barriers have been out since October 2019.

Several critical utility services needed to be protected and/or relocated before we were able to start works to upgrade the intersection. These works are managed by the utility companies. The works were scheduled to be completed in January however they were delayed when resources were diverted to the bushfire crisis response. This in turn delayed the start of our works.

We understand that these delays have been frustrating, which is one of the reasons we’ve decided to fast-track works and have the new intersection open by 13 July.

What has been achieved so far on the Thompsons Road Upgrade?

We have removed the Thompsons Road level crossing, duplicated Thompsons Road between Frankston-Dandenong Road and Berwick-Cranbourne Road with at least two lanes in each direction, replaced the roundabouts at Western Port Highway, McCormicks Road and Evans Road with traffic lights, and built new traffic lights at Merinda Park Boulevard to provide access to Merinda Park station.

How was this closure communicated?

We advertised the closure in the two weeks leading up to the closure across radio, local newspapers, online and on social media, and distributed information to all households within the detour area.

We’ve also worked with local councils, emergency services, business networks and community groups to spread the word as far as possible.

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