We’re upgrading two Western Port Highway roundabouts to ease congestion and improve journey reliability for road users in the area.


The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments have committed to upgrade two Western Port Highway intersections.

The project will replace the roundabouts at the intersections of Ballarto Road and Cranbourne-Frankston Road with traffic lights to better manage traffic flow on and off Western Port Highway.

Project benefits

The project will build on improvements recently delivered by the Thompsons Road Upgrade and Hallam Road Upgrade and add further capacity to the local road network.

Removing the roundabouts and installing traffic lights will mean that all four sets of traffic lights along the 6km stretch of Western Port Highway can be sequenced. This will allow traffic to flow more easily, easing congestion and making travel times more reliable.

Western Port Highway access map

View a larger version of the map (JPG, 291.4 KB).

View the roll plot map (PDF, 7.7 MB) for a more detailed version of the project design.

Project works

Site investigations (late 2020 until early to mid-2021)

As part of the ongoing planning and design process for the project, you may see workers carrying out technical investigations in the local area. This will make sure the project is ready for construction once all necessary planning approvals are in place.

These investigations are mostly taking place along the road reserve. We may need to access private land from time to time. If we need to access your land, we’ll notify you directly.

While we work, we may need to temporarily close lanes and reduce speeds to help keep our work crew and the community safe.

While we’ll mostly work between 9.30am and 3pm, there may be times we’ll need to work at night to minimise traffic disruptions. We’ll keep noise to a minimum and make sure we perform the noisiest works at the beginning of the night.

For information about the nearby Hall Road Upgrade, view the Hall Road Upgrade webpage.

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