We've upgraded 8 main roads in Melbourne's west and we're continuing to improve and maintain more than 260km of road from Footscray to Werribee.

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Use our interactive map to get to know what is happening on the Western Road Upgrade.

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The Western Roads Upgrade will improve 8 main roads across the West. We’ll also repair and resurface 37 roads and strengthen seven structures, mostly bridges.

The project has many benefits for growing communities in the western suburbs. It will:

  • make it quicker, easier and safer for all road users
  • give local businesses opportunities for growth by improving priority truck routes
  • improve access to jobs
  • improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians with more than 50 kms of walking and cycling paths, including three new overpasses along the Federation Trail.

You’ll also notice smoother surfaces and a more comfortable commute. With some works, there’ll be little noticeable difference but you can be assured that we’ll have improved the safety and longevity of the roads and bridges you rely on every day.

Melbourne's population continues to grow more than any other capital city, with 60% of that growth happening in our outer suburbs.

This upgrade will prepare the local area for its growing population and increased demands on our road network.


The Western Roads Upgrade:

  • is a $1.8 billion investment to improve roads in the western suburbs
  • includes a 20-year maintenance contract, which guarantees the ongoing care of 260kms of road from Footscray to Werribee.
  • is being delivered through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Victorian Government and project consortium, Netflow
  • due to be completed in early 2021
  • these roads will not be toll roads.
Western Roads Upgrade

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