We're upgrading 8 main roads in Melbourne's west as well as improving and maintaining more than 260km of road from Footscray to Werribee.

Current works

We’ve completed works to strengthen and improve safety at the Hyde Street Bridge, on Hyde Street Spotswood, near the West Gate Bridge.

We've installed corrosion protection, which uses electrical currents to protect steel and reinforced concrete from corrosion, removed the existing barriers on the bridge and replaced them with new concrete safety barriers, designed to modern standards.

In late July we’ll be starting work on the Ballarat Road bridges, across the Maribyrnong River.  We’re carefully planning our work to minimise disruptions, with work being broken up into stages.  We’ll mostly work behind safety barriers and under the bridges from pontoons.

To complete the works safely, we may need to close lanes and reduce speeds at times on both bridges as well as the shared walking and cycling paths on and below the bridges and car parking area on Hobsons Road.

Upgrading bridges

As part of the upgrade, we'll be strengthening five bridges, an overpass and a culvert (a structure that allows water to flow under a road or railway) in the western suburbs.

This work will extend the life of the structures and improve safety.

In some cases, we'll remove the existing barriers on the bridge and pedestrian approaches and replace them with new safety barriers designed to modern safety standards.

Some bridges will also need to be strengthened and protected against corrosion.

Corrosion or cathodic protection will protect the metal bridge supports from rust and deterioration. This type of system is used all over the world to protect pipelines, water treatment plants, above and below water storage tanks, ship and boat hulls, offshore production platforms and reinforcement bars in concrete structures and piers.

Work will happen under the bridges and at road level.

The structures

The structures include:

  • Hyde Street Bridge, Spotswood (over Stony Creek). Works completed.
  • Ballarat Road Bridge, Flemington (Lynch’s Bridges, over Maribyrnong River). Works commencing late July 2019.
  • Queen Street Bridge, Altona (over Laverton Creek).
  • Geelong Road Bridge, Brooklyn (over Kororoit Creek)
  • Kororoit Creek Road Bridge, Altona (over Cherry Creek). Works due to begin in August 2019.
  • Geelong Road pedestrian overpass (near Lewis Street)
  • Heaths Road Werribee, pipe culvert.

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