We’re upgrading Dohertys Road in Laverton North to improve access to key freight routes and industrial areas.

Current works

Current works

Works are progressing well. In November and December, we’ll continue:

  • building the Federation Trail overpass bridge. The new structure will be 140 metres long, 4 metres wide and sit 6 metres above Dohertys Road
  • rehabilitation of driveways along Dohertys Road
  • building the new lanes between Cherry Lane and Federation Trail
  • installing stormwater drainage
  • building retaining walls for the embankment at the Dohertys Road bridge over the Princes Freeway.

Why Dohertys Road?

This upgrade will help drivers get to their destination sooner and safer.

More than 20,000 cars and trucks rely on this section of Dohertys Road every day.

Dohertys Road connects industrial areas in the west to key freight routes, nearby freeways and the Port of Melbourne.

Many heavy vehicles make right-turns into side roads and driveways, which pose a high safety risk and cause lengthy delays for other road users.

This upgrade will help drivers get to their destination sooner and safer.

Project details

On Dohertys Road, between Fitzgerald Road and Grieve Parade we’re:

  • adding an extra lane in each direction
  • increasing road capacity and improving traffic flow by building a second bridge over the Princes Freeway
  • upgrading five intersections including  – adding new traffic lights at Fitzgerald Road and Hume Road – building roundabouts at Gordon Luck Avenue, Cherry Lane and Cyanamid Street
  • building an overpass for the Federation Trail.

Dohertys Rd East map

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 169.1 KB)


Transforming this key industrial and freight route has many benefits, including:

  • helping freight get to where they need to be safer and sooner
  • improving journey times for all road users with extra lanes
  • keeping cyclists safely away from cars and heavy vehicles.

Project facts

Here's some interesting facts about this project.

Total road construction requirements:

  • material to be excavated: 50,000 cubic metres
  • fill material to be imported: 26,000 cubic metres
  • stormwater pit and pipe: 5.8km
  • cement treated crushed rock: 20,000 tonnes
  • asphalting: 40,000 tonnes
  • subsurface drains: 2.8km
  • kerb: 1.8km
  • utilities relocation: over 10Km
  • light poles: 95
  • guard rail: 2km

Dohertys Rd Bridge construction requirements:

  • general dimensions: 145 metres x 12 metres
  • fill required: 17,500 cubic metres
  • retaining wall: 500 square metres
  • piles for the new bridge and barriers: 103
  • volume of concrete needed: 2000 cubic metres
  • tonnes of steel reinforcement: 700 tonnes

Federation Trail Bridge construction requirements:

  • general dimensions: 150 metres x 4 metres
  • fill required: 30,000 cubic metres
  • piles for the new bridge and barriers: 28
  • volume of concrete needed: 650 cubic metres
  • tonnes of steel reinforcement: 300 tonnes

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