We're improving access to the freeway and popular tourist attractions in Werribee.

Current works

Duncans Road Interchange - Princes Freeway changed traffic conditions

We're progressing well with works on the Princes Freeway median, preparing the way for new bridge supports. Works are also continuing to upgrade the existing freeway entry and exit ramps on Duncans Road. Reduced speeds and yellow line markings will remain in place so we can keep drivers and our workers' safe.

Over summer we’ll:

  • install bridge beams for the new Duncans Road bridge over the Princes Freeway
  • finalise the drainage design at the Duncans/K Road intersection
  • start building retaining walls in preparation for K Road intersection works
  • continue earth works for the Geelong-bound freeway ramp
  • start work on the intersection of Duncans Road and the Melbourne-bound entry ramp
  • undertake work to improve the pedestrian crossing of the Federation Trail
  • move some utilities at night such as electricity, water and gas.

While most of our works will be behind traffic safety barriers, some traffic disruptions are unavoidable.

Please plan ahead and allow extra travel time. For more information see Victoria’s Big Build.

Why the Duncans Road Interchange?

More than 11,000 cars and trucks use the Duncans Road interchange every day, with this number surging during events in the tourism precinct.

The interchange is a key route for a number of growing suburbs, connecting you to the Werribee town centre and Wyndham Harbour.

The existing bridge was built in 1959 and struggles with today’s traffic volumes. Additionally, there’s no outbound freeway exit and no inbound freeway entrance to and from Geelong.

This upgrade will make traffic flow better, so you can get to where you need to be sooner and safer.

Project details

At the Duncans Road interchange we’re:

  • building new exit ramps from the Princes Freeway to Duncans Road
  • building two new bridges over the Princes Freeway, providing two lanes in each direction
  • adding two new ramps for the Princes Freeway at Duncans Road with an entrance for Geelong-bound traffic and an exit for traffic coming from Geelong
  • improving the intersection of K Road and Duncans Road
  • building new walking and cycling paths along Duncans Road and safe road crossing areas.

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 193.2 KB)


Here are just some of the benefits you’ll experience when travelling on this busy road:

  • improved journeys to world class tourist attractions, including Werribee Open Range Zoo, Werribee Mansion, the National Equestrian Centre and the Victorian State Rose Garden
  • new ramps will make it easier to get to and from Geelong
  • reduced congestion and increased safety by improving the busy K Road intersection
  • better access for locals to shops and jobs.

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