We're making it easier for you to get to work, shops and community services in Truganina

Upcoming traffic changes

Leakes Road, Truganina

We’ve started moving traffic from the existing traffic lanes to the new traffic lanes. Once this is complete, we will rehabilitate the existing traffic lanes to match the new traffic lanes.

When will this happen?

We will move traffic from the southside lanes to the northside lanes. These changes will occur in stages and drivers will see changed traffic conditions. Please follow the signs and traffic controllers.

What should you expect?

You may notice some noise, dust and vibration overnight while we work. We’ll do our best to keep this to a minimum.

Drivers will move on to the new lanes then move back to the existing lanes.  You should be prepared to change from one side of the road to the other.

You will be guided by:

  • temporary line marking
  • signs and bollards
  • traffic controllers, who will be on-site to guide drivers.

Current works

During September and October we’ll:

  • continue our site investigations
  • continue drainage and installation of stormwater drains
  • move and protect utility services
  • continue removing structures, materials and vegetation across the project area
  • dig and move soil to prepare for the new Federation Trail Bridge and Laverton Creek Bridge
  • continue building new lanes between Palmers Road and Fitzgerald Road
  • complete laying asphalt for new traffic lanes between Derrimut Road and Skeleton Creek
  • complete laying asphalt for new traffic lanes between Woods Road and Palmers Road
  • prepare to move traffic onto the new lanes
  • start constructing six new intersections and install traffic lights at Tarneit Train Station, Forsyth Road, Prosperity Street, Foundation Road, Interchange Drive and Fitzgerald Road.

Why Leakes Road?

More than 22,000 cars and trucks rely on Leakes Road every day.

Leakes Road connects you to jobs in Truganina, the Tarneit train station, local shops and community services. Plus, it’s a key route to many growing suburbs, including more than 40,000 new homes in the area.

We understand that during peak times, you experience significant delays on this road. This upgrade will make traffic and public transport flow better so you can get to where you need to be sooner and safer.

Project details

On Leakes Road, between Derrimut Road and Fitzgerald Road we’re:

  • adding an extra lane in each direction
  • widening Skeleton Creek bridge and Laverton Creek bridge
  • upgrading intersections
  • building new walking and cycling paths
  • creating a new overpass for the Federation Trail.

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 170.9 KB)


The benefits of this project include:

  • improved traffic flow by creating a more reliable east-west main road route, taking pressure off local roads
  • greater safety by upgrading 18 intersections
  • better access to Tarneit train station, jobs and community services
  • safer walking and cycling options by upgrading the Federation Trail.

Fun facts

Here's some interesting facts about this road upgrade.

Total road construction requirements:
  • material to be excavated: 45,000 cubic metres
  • fill material to be imported: 75,000 cubic metres
  • stormwater pit and pipe: 12.52 km
  • cement Treated Crushed Rock: 25,000 tonnes
  • asphalting: 65,000 tonnes
  • subsurface drains: 34km
  • kerb: 28km
  • utilities relocation: over 12Km
  • light poles: 160
  • guard rail: 3.1km
Skeleton Creek Bridge construction requirements:
  • general dimensions: 44 metres x 15.5 metres
  • fill required: 21,250 cubic metres
  • piles for the new bridge and barriers: 37
  • volume of concrete needed: 1500 cubic metres
  • tonnes of steel reinforcement: 270 tonnes
Federation Trail Bridge construction requirements:
  • general dimensions: 120 metres x 4 metres
  • fill required: 20,000 cubic metres
  • piles for the new bridge and barriers: 14
  • volume of concrete needed: 650 cubic metres
  • tonnes of steel reinforcement: 300 tonnes.

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