We're making it easier for you to travel north and south between the Western and Princes freeways.

Current works

Palmers Road, Truganina

We'll change traffic conditions at the west side of Overton Road, Williams Landing from 8pm Tuesday 22 September to 8pm Sunday 27 September in the following ways:

  • we'll close the slip lanes exiting Palmers Road onto Overton Road. Drivers can turn left using the through lane
  • we'll close the slip lanes exiting Overton Road onto Palmers Road. Drivers can exit using the through lane
  • right turns will not be permitted from Palmers Road heading southbound into Overton Road. Detour via Ashcroft Avenue, Overton Road, Altair Street
  • no entry to Overton Road from the eastern approach of the intersection. Detour via Woodbury Street, Altair Street and Kendall Street.

Traffic will continue to travel north and south along Palmers Road. Traffic movements from the eastern side to the western side of intersection will not be permitted.

Find out more about the Overton Road works in our Works notification.

We'll close the following exit and entry ramp lanes on the Western Freeway at Robinsons Road:

  • outbound (Ballarat-bound) exit ramp lane from the Western Freeway onto Robinsons Road from 8pm Sunday 20 September to 5am Monday 5 October
  • outbound (Ballarat-bound) entry ramp lane from Robinsons Road onto the Western Freeway from 8pm Sunday 20 September to 5am Monday 5 October
  • inbound (Melbourne-bound) exit ramp lanes off the Western Freeway onto Robinsons Road from 8pm Sunday 4 October – 5am Monday 19 October
  • inbound (Melbourne-bound) entry ramp lanes from Robinsons Road onto the Western Freeway from 8pm Sunday 4 October – 5am Monday 19 October

We've closed the following intersections at Palmers Road:

  • Ashcroft Avenue to end-September
  • Delaney Avenue to end-September
  • Calarco Drive to start October
  • Paraweena Drive to mid-October.

In September, we'll also:

  • close Charesworth Way at Palmers Road from 26 September to end-October
  • close Davenport Drive at Palmers Road, once Ashcroft Avenue and Delaney Avenue are open
  • close west side of Overton Road from 5am Monday 28 September to end-October
  • close lanes at the intersection of Boundary and Palmers roads for stormwater drain works
  • continue works on the Federation Trail.

These dates are subject to change and are dependent on weather. We'll keep our roadside electronic message boards up to date to show any changes. You can also keep up to date by visiting Victoria's Big Build for disruptions across the road and public transport network.

Moving traffic to new lanes and changed traffic conditions

We’ve started to move traffic onto the new traffic lanes. Once traffic has moved onto the new lanes, we’ll lay new asphalt on the old lanes.

You might need to change from one side of the road to the other.

To help you with these changes, we'll guide you with:

  • temporary line markings
  • signs and traffic bollards, and
  • onsite traffic controllers.

Why Palmers Road?

More than 20,000 cars and trucks rely on Palmers Road every day.

It provides important access to the Western Freeway in Truganina and the Princes Freeway in Williams Landing. It also connects residents in Melbourne’s growing outer west to Williams Landing shopping centre, bus services and the train station.

We understand that during peak times, you experience big delays on this this road.

This upgrade will make traffic and public transport flow better so you can get to where you need to be sooner and safer.

Project details

On Palmers Road, between Princes Freeway and Western Freeway we’re:

  • adding two extra lanes in each direction between Princes Freeway and Sayers Road
  • adding one extra lane in each direction between Sayers Road and Boundary Road
  • adding two extra lanes in each direction between Boundary Road and Western Freeway
  • upgrading intersections
  • building new walking and cycling paths and a new overpass for the Federation Trail
  • straightening out Palmers Road at the Sayers Road intersection
  • introducing bus jump lanes at key intersections.
Palmers Road Map

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 108.6 KB)


Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with the Palmers Road upgrade:

  • improved journeys between two major freeways in the west
  • better access to public transport, jobs and community hubs
  • safer walking and cycling options
  • getting you places sooner and safer by upgrading intersections and straightening out Palmers Road.

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