We’re upgrading Yan Yean Road between Diamond Creek Road and Kurrak Road to make journeys in Melbourne's north quicker, easier and safer.

Winter construction program

Throughout July our work program will remain busy as we get closer to the finish line.

Despite June being a wet and wintry month with lots of rain, we were able to:

  • upgrade the intersection of Faneco and Yan Yean roads and installed conduits, pits, and cables for the new traffic and street lights
  • replace the Kurrak Road intersection roundabout with traffic lights
  • build sections of shared walking and cycling path along Yan Yean Road
  • asphalt along large stretches of Yan Yean Road. We’ll lay the top layer of the road surface when the weather warms up
  • switch traffic onto sections of the new road from Memorial Drive to River Avenue.

This month we’ll:

  • work at Diamond Creek, Aqueduct and Yan Yean roads intersection, to shift temporary barriers, line mark the road and lay asphalt
  • work at the of Mackelroy and Yan Yean roads to install important safety improvements
  • continue work at the intersection of Kurrak and Yan Yean roads with interim traffic lights and lane configuration
  • install underground detectors for traffic lights at the Council Depot and Yan Yean Road intersection
  • restrict traffic movements through the intersection of Memorial Drive, Heard Avenue, and Yan Yean Road. There are no right turns from Memorial Drive and Heard Avenue onto Yan Yean Road and no through access between Memorial Drive and Heard Avenue.

Changes to road conditions

To safely construct the new road lanes and keep traffic moving, sometimes we need to switch traffic onto the other side of the road. When we’re working close to the road, we’ll need to have one lane open at a time on sections of Yan Yean Road. When this happens, traffic controllers will help manage traffic flow through the single lane. This can cause delays and add extra travel time to your journey.

Night and weekend works

We usually work during the day from Monday to Saturday. Sometimes we'll need to work outside of these hours - both at night and over the weekend. Working at night and on weekends helps to minimise disruption to the road network because we’re working when there are fewer cars on the road. We’re also able to finish work faster and provide a safer environment for our workers. We’ll do our best to plan works at times when they cause the least inconvenience for residents while avoiding peak period lane closures and disruption around the area to keep you moving during construction.

Changes to bus stops

As we widen Yan Yean Road, we need to relocate the bus stops, so we can work safely on sections of the road. At times, we’ll set up temporary bus stops while we complete works in a certain area. All bus stops will permanently in place within weeks. The map below shows you where the bus stops are now.

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 114.8 KB)

Next steps

Soon traffic lights will be switched on at the new intersections and we’ll open new traffic lanes. This means you’ll continue to see our work crews over the coming months, as we complete minor works. Landscaping will begin in spring, which will give plants the best chance to thrive. The final layer of asphalt and line marking is set to be done later in the year. Waiting for the warmer weather will allow for the best result. We’ll keep you informed about any planned traffic impacts and changes to road conditions.

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For the latest traffic information and disruptions, see Victoria's Big Build.

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