We’re upgrading Yan Yean Road between Diamond Creek Road and Kurrak Road to make journeys in Melbourne's north quicker, easier and safer.

Final works

While major works are complete on Stage 1, we're about to start some minor finishing works.

What's happening

From Sunday 22 September to Friday 18 October we’ll lay the final layer of asphalt and complete line marking from Diamond Creek Road to Kurrak Road.

We'll work day and night to give the road a final safe and smooth finish. This work may be loud and disruptive when it is occurring outside your property, however, it'll only be for up to 2 hours before crews move on.


We'll contact you 48 hours prior to working in front of your property to explain our timings and how your access may be impacted.

Lane closures

To do our works safely, we’ll need to close some roads that intersect with Yan Yean Road.  We’ll make sure our on-road signage up to date and let you know if anything changes.

Please note, all our activities are subject to weather conditions.

The table below outlines our planned road closures, dates and detours.

Road closuresDatesDetour

Aqueduct Road

22 - 24 Sep, 8pm to 5am

Via Sunrise Drive and Marino Way

Mackelroy Road

23 Sep, 7am to 5pm
10 - 11 Oct, 8pm to 5am

Via McLauglans Lane, Memorial Avenue and Butlers Lane

Memorial Drive

23 Sep, 7am to 5pm

Via River Avenue for Memorial Drive

Heard Avenue

1 Oct, 7am to 5pm

Via Faneco Road

River Avenue

24 Sep, 7am to 5pm
8 Oct, 7am to 5pm

Via Memorial Drive and Browns Lane

Faneco Road

10 - 11 Oct, 8pm to 5am

Via Worns and Heard Avenue

Browns Lane

25 Sep, 7am to 5pm
8 Oct, 7am to 5pm

Via River Avenue

Kurrak Road

8 - 10 Oct, 8pm to 5am

Via Plenty Road and Bridge Inn Road if you’re heading north of Kurrak Road
Via Plenty Road and Greensborough Bypass if you’re heading south of Kurrak

Bus stops

Bus stops will be temporarily closed when we’re working in front of them. This means you’ll need to go to the next stop approximately 500m down the road. Local bus services and the Department of Transport are aware of these temporary changes.

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Visit Victoria's Big Build for the latest traffic disruption information.

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