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The Environment Effects Statement (EES) for Yan Yean Road Upgrade – Stage 2 examined the potential environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts of the road upgrade and identified how they will be avoided, mitigated or managed. The EES process was overseen by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

The Minister for Planning released their Assessment on 23 March 2021, concluding that the environmental effects were to be appropriately managed and that the project could proceed on that basis.

What did the EES include?

The EES documents consisted of a main report, a map book, technical reports and the draft Planning Scheme Amendment.

To inform the EES, we engaged a team of independent specialists to carry out a series of technical investigations and collate the results into a number of reports.

The areas of study include:

  • effects on transport capacity and connectivity
  • effects on biodiversity, including arboriculture, flora and fauna
  • effects on cultural values, including Aboriginal and historic cultural heritage
  • effects on land uses, businesses and social assets
  • effects on the physical environment, including air quality, surface water, groundwater, land contamination, noise and vibration
  • developing a Landscape Strategy for the project.
Find out about the areas of study in the EES.

The EES process

The EES Public Exhibition took place between 31 August and 9 October 2020 and was managed by Planning Panels Victoria. During Public Exhibition, the EES was on display for public comment. Commenting on the EES gave people an opportunity to have their views considered in planning approvals decisions for Yan Yean Road Upgrade – Stage 2. Submissions about the issues that matter most to the community were made directly to Planning Panels Victoria.

The EES Public Hearing ran over 12 days between 30 November and 16 December 2020. The purpose of the Public Hearing was to give people an opportunity to speak in support of their written submission and was open for anyone to view proceedings.

EES outcome

When the Public Hearing concluded, the Inquiry and Advisory Committee that was appointed by the Minister for Planning to assess the EES prepared a detailed report and presented their findings to the Minister for Planning for consideration.

The Minister for Planning released their Assessment on 23 March 2021. The Minister’s Assessment concluded that the upgrade could proceed with some recommended updates to the Environmental Management Framework (EMF) and Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs).

EES documents

The full EES report and all EES attachments are available below. These documents are also available in accessible plain text versions. The EES has been split into chapters for easy access.

EES summary documents
TitlePDFWord (Accessible)
Summary Document Download (PDF, 11.3 MB)Download (DOCX, 1.0 MB)
EES Overview Fact Sheet Download (PDF, 3.3 MB)Download (DOCX, 371.7 KB)

EES chapters
TitlePDFWord (Accessible)
Part 1 - EES introductory ChaptersEES Chapter 00 - Executive SummaryDownload (PDF, 9.2 MB)Download (DOCX, 5.0 MB)
 EES Chapter 01 – IntroductionDownload (PDF, 2.5 MB)Download (DOCX, 3.0 MB)
 EES Chapter 02 – Project RationaleDownload (PDF, 5.9 MB)Download (DOCX, 4.1 MB)

EES Chapter 03 – Project Development

Download (PDF, 1.4 MB)Download (DOCX, 2.8 MB)

EES Chapter 04 – Environment Effects Statement Assessment Framework

Download (PDF, 1.7 MB)Download (DOCX, 2.6 MB)
 EES Chapter 05 – Project DescriptionDownload (PDF, 3.8 MB)Download (DOCX, 5.3 MB)
 EES Chapter 06 – Communications and EngagementDownload (PDF, 2.9 MB)Download (DOCX, 4.1 MB)
Part 2 - EES Impact Assessment Chapters: Responding to the Scoping RequirementsEES Chapter 07 – Effects on Transport Capacity and ConnectivityDownload (PDF, 13.0 MB)Download (DOC, 11.5 MB)
 EES Chapter 08 – Effects on BiodiversityDownload (PDF, 20.9 MB)Download (DOCX, 8.4 MB)
 EES Chapter 09 – Effects on Social and Cultural ValuesDownload (PDF, 10.2 MB)Download (DOC, 7.4 MB)
Part 3 – EES Impact Assessment Chapters: Additional Impact Assessment SummariesEES Chapter 10 – Effects on Land Uses, Businesses and Social AssetsDownload (PDF, 2.6 MB)Download (DOC, 3.5 MB)
 EES Chapter 11 – Effects on Physical EnvironmentDownload (PDF, 5.8 MB)Download (DOCX, 7.4 MB)
Part 4 – EES Environmental Management and Conclusion

EES Chapter 12 – Environmental Management Framework

Download (PDF, 2.1 MB)Download (DOC, 2.6 MB)
 EES Chapter 13 – ConclusionDownload (PDF, 2.0 MB)Download (DOCX, 2.5 MB)

EES attachments
TitlePDFWord (Accessible)
EES Attachment I – Draft PSADownload (PDF, 3.2 MB)Download (DOCX, 6.1 MB)

EES Attachment II – Legislation and Policy

Download (PDF, 2.6 MB)Download (DOCX, 2.5 MB)
EES Attachment III – Environmental Risk Assessment ReportDownload (PDF, 3.7 MB)Download (DOCX, 501.8 KB)
EES Attachment IV – Communications and Stakeholder Engagement ReportDownload (PDF, 4.0 MB)Download (DOC, 22.1 MB)
EES Attachment V – Swift Parrot Management PlanDownload (PDF, 13.7 MB)Download (DOCX, 9.5 MB)
EES Attachment VI – Map BookDownload (PDF, 39.6 MB)Download (DOCX, 32.3 MB)

EES appendices – specialist technical assessments (additional appendices below)
TitlePDFWord (Accessible)
Technical Report A - Transport Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 33.9 MB)Download (DOCX, 46.9 MB)
Technical Report B1 – Biodiversity Existing Conditions ReportDownload (PDF, 31.5 MB)Download (DOCX, 16.5 MB)
Technical Report B2 – Biodiversity Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 10.9 MB)Download (DOCX, 33.3 MB)
Technical Report C - Arboriculture AssessmentDownload (PDF, 4.1 MB)Download (DOCX, 55.1 MB)
Technical Report D - Social Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 11.4 MB)Download (DOCX, 14.5 MB)
Technical Report E - Business Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 2.5 MB)Download (DOCX, 21.3 MB)
Technical Report F - Aboriginal and Historical Cultural Heritage Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 41.2 MB)Download (DOC, 63.4 MB)
Technical Report G - Landscape StrategyDownload (PDF, 23.0 MB)Download (DOCX, 68.6 MB)
Technical Report H - Planning and Land Use Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 12.2 MB)Download (DOC, 13.1 MB)
Technical Report I - Noise and Vibration Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 19.0 MB)Download (DOCX, 7.2 MB)
Technical Report J - Groundwater Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 14.8 MB)Download (DOCX, 8.7 MB)
Technical Report K - Contaminated Land Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 18.4 MB)Download (DOCX, 1.5 MB)
Technical Report L - Surface Water Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 11.9 MB)Download (DOCX, 9.1 MB)
Technical Report M - Air Quality Impact AssessmentDownload (PDF, 18.7 MB)Download (DOCX, 13.0 MB)

Peer reviews
TitlePDFWord (Accessible)
Peer Review N – Transport Peer ReviewDownload (PDF, 86.3 KB)Download (DOCX, 24.2 KB)
Peer Review O – Biodiversity Peer ReviewDownload (PDF, 913.6 KB)Download (DOCX, 1.5 MB)
Peer Review P –Social and Cultural Values Peer ReviewDownload (PDF, 555.5 KB)Download (DOCX, 1.2 MB)

Fact sheets

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