Thompsons Road and Frankston-Dandenong Road

27 May 2020

We're fast tracking works to have the intersection open four months early. Intersection closed 5 June-13 July 2020.

M80 Upgrade - Sydney Road to Edgars Road

17 May 2020

We’re upgrading the M80 Ring Road between Sydney Road and Edgars Road. We’ll add new lanes, upgrade key interchanges, install a smart freeway management system and build new on and off ramps, slashing journey times for over 165,000 road users each day and getting them home safer and sooner.

Wisam Yazdea - Site Engineer on O'Herns Rd Upgrade Stage 2

19 March 2020

From Baghdad to Melbourne - The inspirational story of Wisam Yazdea, Site Engineer on the O’Herns Road Upgrade.

Progress on the Echuca-Moama Bridge Project

31 January 2020

View the progress we've made so far on the Echuca Moama Bridge Project.

Plenty Road Upgrade McDonalds/Gorge Rd major works

03 January 2020

We’ll be doing major works at the McDonalds/Gorge Road intersection to build the new median from Monday 6th January 2020. We’ll work day and night from Monday to Sunday to complete three months’ work in three weeks.

Yan Yean Road Upgrade Stage 1 - end of works

16 December 2019

This $131.2 million upgrade has transformed Yan Yean Road in Plenty from a congested two-lane arterial to a four-lane road with improved safety features, six intersections with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, and brand-new walking and cycling paths.

Echuca-Moama Bridge Project - Warren Street Roundabout Upgrade

23 November 2019

We've captured the works in dynamic timelapse. Watch how we built the roundabout on Warren Street.

Echuca-Moama Bridge Project - Warren Street Upgrade

23 November 2019

We've captured the works in dynamic timelapse. Watch how we upgraded Warren Street, Echuca.

M80 Upgrade

30 October 2019

Drivers on the M80 Ring Road can look forward to reduced congestion and more reliable connections to major freeways with new lanes, on and off ramps and a freeway management system to boost capacity and improve safety.

Mordialloc Freeway

14 October 2019

Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of the Mordialloc Freeway.