Plenty Road traffic switch update for July 2020

10 July 2020

We're switching traffic around the Plenty Road Upgrade so we can continue building new lanes.

Duncans Road bridge demolition

30 June 2020

We demolished the old Duncans Road bridge over the Princes Freeway in June 2020.

Night works on the Frankston-Dandenong Road intersection

30 June 2020

Night works on the Thompson Frankston-Dandenong intersection, week commencing 23 June 2020.

New intersection at South Gippsland Highway, Hallam Road and Evans Road

24 June 2020

We've now fully opened the new intersection at South Gippsland Highway, Hallam Road and Evans Road. Watch the new intersection being built.

Frankston-Dandenong Road intersection Upgrade progress

23 June 2020

Check out the progress we're making on the Frankston-Dandenong Road intersection. Due to open on 13 July 2020.

Thompsons Road and Frankston-Dandenong Road

27 May 2020

We're fast tracking works to have the intersection open four months early. Intersection closed 5 June-13 July 2020.

M80 Upgrade - Sydney Road to Edgars Road

17 May 2020

We’re upgrading the M80 Ring Road between Sydney Road and Edgars Road. We’ll add new lanes, upgrade key interchanges, install a smart freeway management system and build new on and off ramps, slashing journey times for over 165,000 road users each day and getting them home safer and sooner.

Wisam Yazdea - Site Engineer on O'Herns Rd Upgrade Stage 2

19 March 2020

From Baghdad to Melbourne - The inspirational story of Wisam Yazdea, Site Engineer on the O’Herns Road Upgrade.

Progress on the Echuca-Moama Bridge Project

31 January 2020

View the progress we've made so far on the Echuca Moama Bridge Project.

Plenty Road Upgrade McDonalds/Gorge Rd major works

03 January 2020

We’ll be doing major works at the McDonalds/Gorge Road intersection to build the new median from Monday 6th January 2020. We’ll work day and night from Monday to Sunday to complete three months’ work in three weeks.